Stiffled Screams

She sat on the water closet and suddenly stood up and rushed out of the toilet with her pant hung halfway her bulbous buttocks. She had forgotten her BlackBerry. Now, having her attention divided between call of nature and call of technology, she was exchanging pings with her man. The attention he was giving to her lately was becoming covered with dust just like an item becoming less used. This has been killing her slowly and it has gone past her neck but there is a feeling that kept telling her that it was all her fault. If she hadn’t done that singular act, Salim wouldn’t have been going the lane he is headed with her.

They met five years ago in their final year at the university during their Club’s Happy Hour party. Press Club members don’t know each other except the president. None of them is to reveal their identity, publicly or privately. Salim was the chief cartoonist of the club while Rabi was the chief editor. Salim’s cartoons were everybody’s favorite throughout the campus and even beyond, through one of the national dailies. His works were mostly political commentaries and happenings within the campus. Rabi was a satirist and was running a series on the press publishing board every Thursday.

The two has been longing to meet and they both knew it was to be at the happy hour party, so they both waited for it to present itself. Not just this two but where longing to know each other but all other members and invited lecturers and the VC were also waiting to know the two of them – the cartoonist and satirist. It happened that Salim has been the guy who has been asking Rabi out since last three semesters. He has just won her heart two nights ago. Rabi was shocked upon discovering that Salim was the cartoonist.

Salim is now an MD in a small construction company he just started which is now growing big and winning some contracts here and there while Rabi’s blog now earns her nothing less than N300,000 per advert. She has made up her mind to start a web TV on her blog which will focus on Governors’ progress in terms of development. This is the first time Salim, the father of her two beautiful daughters, would turn down her dream but this is not a dream she is willing to abort. He has been supportive all along and was even the one who suggested she run a blog instead of working for others.

Rabi’s beauty isn’t the type you easily find words for. She is as tall as Salim. He was afraid that his family will be torn apart with his daughters left with little of their mother’s attention. He was afraid that his wife would be tempted to go into an affair with some of those big shots. “She is human, not a log of wood and everything, including the house we live in, has a price” he thought to himself.

The web TV was no doubt a success and had garnered more traffic to her blog. Strong TV has worked out plans to be airing the program live on their station. Strong TV has the largest viewership in the country. The first three states she visited and had covered were already sending down shivers in some Governors’s spine. The last of the three governors she covered did not only offer her a swelling sum of money to cover his misdeeds he also did ask her out even after telling him that he is mother of two and still happily married to her husband.

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  1. They’ll gladly bed you even if you were the mother of 5 but still fresh and fit…

    Their way….
    Evil ways….
    Recompense awaits!!!!

    Nice work

  2. @Yax Mokwa good story, but it still needs more polishing. Keep it up.

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