Mommy’s Gone Again

Mother’s disappearing act is not novel

Just a fact of life  to live with

Cry if you must, pray her into appearing if you wish

Disappear again she will

Mother’s mind’s beyond the nest


Some things you live with

Some things you don’t think about

Some things you make into a joke

Some things you don’t talk about


I see birds build nests all over when its their mating season

Dad’s stairway with the broken window has┬áhosted a few

I hear some birds don’t bother

They would rather birth their eggs in another’s nest

Why sit all day on eggs? Larks untold await


Some animals take in strays

Others push them away

Wasn’t it a man-cub was raised by animals?

Well, I know my Baloo and I know my nest

Where’s my bird-mother?


11 thoughts on “Mommy’s Gone Again” by jollyone (@jollyone)

  1. Nice write.

  2. She’s gone in search of feeds.

    Good work

    1. I Hope so, @ayistar. I hope so. Thanks for reading through.

  3. Good one. Like the Jungle Boy reference.

  4. What I meant was that I like the Jungle Book (Jungle Boy) ‘reference’.

    But help me decipher. Seems like a poem about love.

  5. Yes. I was referring to that also. I meant you deciphered my allusion to jungle book. Yes, its about motherly love, the absence of it.

  6. Short, and to the point. I like :)

  7. This is a very apt work.on point.

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