I see your eyes, I see how deep they go

You are beautiful did you know?

far from what lies on your skin

I’m looking through your window.

Don’t mind me.

I don’t mean to startle you

I realize there are boundaries

I respect them, I do

I just cannot ignore the obvious

I refuse to, not anymore.

I guess you can say I am inspired

I guess you could understand,

So in spite of what you see

Come and see what I see

Take a walk on the path to be

Come, taste and see the glory

Don’t mind me.

I’m an admirer of your art

I am intertwined in your craft

You created my crevices

that’s why you’re all I see

You’re all I want to be

So if you see me

you will see.




2 thoughts on “Mirror-Speak” by IntheQuiet (@Inthequiet)

  1. Simple and to the point. Maybe you can add some effizy next time though :)

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