Lookout for Miss Right- Episode 12

So, this was the scenario; I was being held hostage by an unarmed woman, and the key to my freedom was in her bra. If I wasn’t in the situation myself, I honestly would have laughed. How on earth had I gotten myself into such a situation?

I glanced at Sonia, obviously she wasn’t giving up; she had struck a seductive pose on the bed, the smile on her face was an odd mixture of feral and frightening.

Another thought began to fill my head, what if she had AIDS? Or some kind of STD?

“Jake…I’m horny.” She cooed, batting her lashes at me. “Stop thinking for a moment and come here.”

I didn’t look at her, couldn’t look at her. I had never been this disgusted by a lady before and I wondered where my earlier attraction to her had gone.

“Your dad came to my office this morning. He was looking for you.” I said, making a last effort to change her mind. “He warned me to stay away from you.”

“Leave my dad out of this, darh…ling.” She stressed the word. “He thinks he knows what’s best for me, but he doesn’t.”

“Maybe he does.” I said lamely. “Sonia, this is madness. You can’t force me to…”

“Are you gay?” She interrupted.

I stared at her incredulously, not saying a word.

“I know you’re not.” She said. “There’s nothing crazy about this. I love you and I want to be with you. And you feel the same way too, you’re just denying it.”

“Why do you assume I feel the same way?” I asked, stalling. I needed time to figure out a way out of there.

She stood up and walked towards me. “I see it in your eyes. I see the way you look at me, Jake. I know.”

What you see is disgust not desire. I wanted to say.

She placed her hands on the side of my face and looked into my eyes. “I know you feel the same way. I know it! I know it! So don’t tell me you don’t!” She literally screamed.

I was perplexed at the sudden mood change. One moment she had been calm and collected, the next, she was hysterical. I took her hands away from my face gently, they were shaking.

“Sonia… calm down.” I spoke gently, wondering how to convince her to give me the key.

“No! I’ve been calm! You keep rejecting me!” She pulled away from me and began hitting my chest. “Why won’t you love me? Why?!… Why?! Aren’t I good enough for you?!” She was yelling now, tears streaming down her face.

I pitied her. She was like a hysterical child throwing a tantrum. I seized her hands again, momentarily stopping her tantrum. She collapsed against me, sobbing.

I held her, trying to sooth her. Obviously the girl had emotional issues. Her tears subsided and she clung to me of her own volition.

“Please don’t leave me.” she pleaded in a tiny voice.

How could I tell her that no matter how much I pitied her, I didn’t want to be there? That I had promised her father to stay away from her?

“I have to go, Sonia. Please. Your father would kill me if he knows I’m here.” I tried to rationalize with her.

Instantly, another mood swing. She pulled away from me like she had been stung. Her anger had returned.

“You’re not leaving me.” she said. “Not until I’m satisfied.”

Oh God. I prayed. Save me from this woman. Why couldn’t I reason with her?

She thrust her tits at me, I couldn’t help noticing how they danced voluntarily…like her own personal cheerleaders. I think my disgust overrode my desire because I found I wasn’t aroused.

“I know you want me. Stop fighting it.” She trailed a finger down my chest.

I stepped away from her. “I have to go to the bathroom.” I said and without waiting for a reply, I made a beeline for the bathroom. On getting there, I locked the door behind me.

Now I had to think. I had to get out from this situation unscathed. Without awakening the demon in her and alerting Chief Odeniran.

The bathroom was fairly big and comfortable. Thank goodness it was clean. I began brainstorming…

I knew I could overpower her in one minute, but I also thought of the consequences. She might make the allegation of assault or rape, and no one would believe my story…

“Jakey… don’t keep a lady waiting.” I heard her say.

“I’m taking a bath.” I lied and immediately turned on the tap.

“Aaaaw… you don’t have to do all that for me,” she said. “Know what? Why don’t I join you? It’ll be fun.”

I groaned inwardly. Didn’t she know when to quit?

“No need. I’ll…uh…we’ll do that later.” I said, increasing the tempo of the tap to block out her voice.

I succeeded.

I sat on the edge of the bathtub, trying to figure out what to do. Guys help me out here. If you were in my shoes, what would you do?

And then I remembered I had my phone! Why hadn’t I thought about it before?

Immediately an idea began to form in my head…

I took out my phone and began typing.

20 thoughts on “Lookout for Miss Right- Episode 12” by Mimiadebayo (@Mimiadebayo)

  1. Building up the suspense…dts nice.

    Some guys wld hv given her what she wanted sha……

    1. did u say some…? most jo!

  2. @topazo. I don’t doubt that, but what does that say about their values? and what if she actually has AIDS or an STD? thanx so much 4 reading!

    1. aint u meant to always have an emegency condom in your wallet? #justsaying#

      1. @Ayoks.Hehehe! I like your frankness esp.the part about the libido taking over.You might be right about it being a shortcoming in the story,but that’s the whole point. Besides I think Jake may be a teeny bit moral. Thanx so much 4 reading! Cheers!

  3. Dat gurl has gone bunkers..i would have been disgusted too

    1. i understand why you would be disgusted, you are a lady…but trust me…i wouldnt be disgusted one bit.Heck…my libido woudda taken over my brain!….for me…thats a little shortcoming in the story…99% of guys would have laid her @ dt point…no stories!

  4. @schatzilein i ditto. Thanks for reading!

  5. Tonto Dikeh would be great for Sonia’s part if this were to become a nollywood flick. Juz sayin’ :P

    1. lol…i concur….or even cossy!

  6. see dulling o! wat nonsese! dulling should be made a criminal offence! chai….wish i was ur MC…the girl would be the one pleading to leave! nice piece!

  7. R u guys for real? Wit d way Sonia is acting like mentally unstable I seriously doubt if sex wil cross my mind.

  8. I agree with @estee here. It’s fairly obvious that Sonia is mentally unstable – I can’t imagine that many men would feel comfortable having sex with someone whose reactions were unpredictable. So Jake’s reaction is entirely realistic, @mimiadebayo.

  9. Thank you!@TolaO. Thanks for taking the time to read too!

  10. @TolaO. Thank you joor! A̶̲̥̅♏ glad you get my point. Thanks for reading!

  11. I love stories that I can just walk in on without missing a beat. No explanations required, and you didn’t patronize the audience either. Solid prose…please keep writing!

  12. Damn, see free sex o. She’s definitely gone bananas.
    Nìce one. Suspence maintained.

  13. @Mimiadebayo, like the suspense, still reading, still loving

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