Little Joe Sisters

Little Joe Sisters

Impossible to tell how things’ve changed

All the sweet lines ain’t there,

No more do we watch the moon

Golden nights vanished so soon;

I love to stay at home

Take care of the family, keep it safe

Mercy me I trusted too much,

Hoped far much beyond hope.

Had the faith of a mustard seed

Loved too much, love not known

Storm came o’er the nirvana

Whence he went away from me

Loved it far from my arms

So the walls came tumbling down

And my love’s a blown out candle.



Three cheers for dear Fay,

Always so sweet

So good, so nice

Regular archangel – yet so frail;

I’ve got no problem with trust

And love burns forever,

But hope mirages away

While faith takes his leave;

Dear me,

I merrily sing

Wash and rinse and wring,

Hang the clothes in the sun to dry

Busy mind ain’t the devil’s workshop

And anxious thoughts’re swept away

Until when he crawled into bed

With my best friend,

On the very bed

He brutally took away my innocence

And I hurtfully say…

“Head, you may think

Heart, dear, you’re hurt – you may feel

But, Flo, darlin’, you shall walk away.”



O poor sis! What a tragedy?

All my candles forever burn,

Trust, hope, faith, and love

The problem is him – he’s insecure

I wanna be a beauty queen

And the world’s best ballerina ever

He wants me there at home

In charge of dishes and dusters

Jeez! That’s too traditional

Maybe I ain’t destined to marry

I partake nudity shows – says he

Ain’t sure I ain’t a stripper – or call girl

Or I lap dance – celebrity is hard for him

He calls me Immodest Imogene.
Well – what do I say? I’m Jo

And never shall be anything else

I don’t care, or give a damn

I shouldn’t have been a woman

He stares at me,

I stare at him

He yells at me,

I yell at him

He gets mad,

I get madder

We argue, fight – for nothing

Yet I love him like hell

Never gives up my faith

And hopes against all hope

But I’ve got a problem with trust

I snoop on his e-mails and SMSes

Hires detectives to tail him

And he knows it

He just like snapped

Said we should breath

Have some time alone.


O my poor sweet daughters

How I feel sorry for you

For it ain’t a bed of roses

Faith – don’t give too much than it’s necessary

It’s dangerous, the old folks say

Florence – Celine Dion’s right

‘Don’t give up on your faith

Love comes to those who believe it

And that’s the way it is’

Imogene – what a freak you’re

You’d rather be loved and contented

Than a queen less self-respect and peace

And you my lovely Joanne

Your pride’s your downfall

Jo can be something else…

Leave everything to time

Make your homes happy.



Copyright Elove 2013

10 thoughts on “Little Joe Sisters” by elovepoetry (@elovepoetry)


  2. wow, He stares at me,

    I stare at him

    He yells at me,

    I yell at him

    He gets mad,

    I get madder

    We argue, fight – for nothing

    Yet I love him like hell

    I LIKE THE RUSH! Well done wordsmith, well done sir!

    1. @sambrightomo….. thanks for reading.

      1. The pleasure is all mine.

  3. Immodest… Imogen Thomas? Lol

    It is a good piece… Many situations like this in today’s world.

    Some men want a stay at home wife, but not me. Certainly NOT ME.

    1. @aphacea.,, and i would not like a stay-at-home wife too….. at least we share that sentiment apart from being NS writers!! lol

  4. Scenes well painted, tales well told. Quite poetic, well done.

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