Nothing in life comes with perfection. Little wonder why a man has to cling unto a woman (his better half) to make a complete whole. You can only be good but not perfect hence don’t always expect everything to be pristine. If it were not so, one wouldn’t have to wash and refine an unearthed gold before putting it to use and realizing its beauty.
Ponder on these;
Why wasn’t man given to ultimate power to decide on the atmospheric conditions that suit him as he pleases?
Why isn’t the 24 hours in a day sometimes sufficient for man?
Why is there the existence of social stratification of classes in every society?
Why is man subjected to assiduously working to make ends meet?
Why are there words like; disappointment, failure, loss, depression, etc.?
Why does the two major climatic conditions (sunshine and rain) scold us at all times even when we’ve done no wrong?
Why do we often times lose the most dear things or persons to us when we least expect?
Why are there intricacies in life and living?
Why are we prophets of the word; ‘Good people don’t last but bad people do’?
Why is there the existence of life and death?
Why do we have guardians, instructors and teachers to give us tutelage?
Why are we strongly instructed not to trust anyone (even including yourselves at times)?
 Why do we change our friends?
Why do we doubt the occurrence and existence of certain things?
Why do people hurt our feelings (even the very dear ones)?
Why are we created to shed tears when the need arises?
Why do we have the sense of feeling pains among the five senses?
Why are we created to cry?
Why do we have to make choices in our daily dealings?
WHY!                                                           WHY!!                                              WHY!!!
The ‘Why’ goes on and on… countless numbers of unanswered questions run through our minds on a daily basis like blood streaming through the arteries yet there seems to be no one to proffer viable answers to them.
Man’s infallibility has made him an eternal slave to life thus every of the resources pertinent to the achievement of his life goals come with no perfection just like him. Hence, its germane for him never to look down on anyone or anything but rather put them all to judicious use so as to derive his desired satisfaction.
Our natural imperfection should give no room for depression.
Remember, a broomstick cannot sweep the room. We all need somebody to lean on.

2 thoughts on “Imperfection” by Hordhunharyhor (@Hordhunharyhor)

  1. Good points you raised, to raise thoughts. But did you actually mean “man’s infallibility” or it’s opposite? And were you championing the fact that not being perfect should prompt human beings to seek a balance through healthy interdependence? I was waiting for a more poignant closing.

  2. Food for thought, all those questions. But the structure of this is not the best, maybe an article embedding these with prose would have been better.

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