I Have Sinned

Father forgive me, for I have sinned…

Father forgive me, for I have sinned…I have lied, I have hated, and I have been greedy. But above all Father, I have committed fornication with one of your own…I feel guilty, because for a long time, I had harbored sinful thoughts about Pastor Tom in my head. I found him a handsome man, and I thought it a pity that he had taken a vow of celibacy. Every time he stood on the pulpit to preach, I admired his height, his eyes, and the way his lips moved as he expounded the word of God. I imagined those holy lips on my body father, and many a time, I lost concentration during church service.

Father forgive me.The day Pastor Tom came to my room in the boys’ quarters where I stay, I wasn’t expecting him. He said he had gone to counsel some of God’s sheep who were about to stray, and he remembered I lived in that area. So he decided to stop by. He had hoped to meet my roommate and I, to share the word of God with us.Father, I offered Pastor Tom a seat on the bed, because the only chair we possessed was hidden under a pile of books and clothes. So was the greater part of the bed. As a result, I had to sit close to him on the bed. He asked me questions. I answered. He enquired about the state of my poor family, and my father’s health. I began to talk. He is a good pastor, father, so I unburdened myself to him. The sad talk made me cry, and the man of God offered his shoulder. He took me in his arms, and I forgot the cause f my sorrow. I wouldn’t let go. The pastor held my hand.

Father, forgive me, for I proceeded to caress his chest, his neck, and any other place my hands could safely touch. The man of God offered a little resistance. He must have sensed that I needed the comfort of his hands on my breasts. He did put them there, and I didn’t complain.

I pushed Pastor Tom down on the bed and kissed him. He kissed me back, to drive my sorrows further away. When I pulled his shirt from the waistband of his trousers, he was as surprised as I, because we both had no idea that he shirt had been unbuttoned.

Father, I do not wish to sin further by desecrating holy ears such as yours with the details of what I did to the holy man. But I am sure that when I kissed him there, down below, and took him in my mouth, he was shocked. I do not believe that he had ever felt such a sensation before.

I pleased the pastor as I was sure that no woman had ever done before, showed him almost all the tricks I had in my book.

When it was over, and the man of God awoke from the little slumber into which he had fallen, he looked sad, and he said to me, “I have sinned”.

Those words put the fear of God back into me, and I sought to confess at once. But first, I wished to confide in a friend of mine, whom I knew to be holy, and who keeps strictly to the commandments of God. So I went to her room in the evening, a few days later, to tell her of my unholy conduct. As I approached, I saw that the lights were dimmed. I decided to give her a surprise. I went to the window. I was going to shout “boo” and give her a fright. But father, she gave me a fright instead!

The sounds that emanated from the room were almost animalistic in their intensity, grunts, loud moans, a little scream here, heavy panting. Sounds that reminded me of my time with the man of God…

Wicked pervert that I am, I was riveted to the spot, drinking in the sounds, wishing I could get a glimpse of the man who engaged my holy friend in such terrible sin.

The sounds became louder and more intense as the occupants of the room climbed to the peaks of ecstasy. All of a sudden, they went quiet, panting softly, satisfied with their carnal pleasures.

And then, Father, I heard the familiar voice of a man say softly to my friend…“I have sinned”.

– By Late George Chimezirm Egbuchulam, he loved it here on Naijastories (April 15th, 1986-Dec. 2nd, 2012)taking_poison_by_pekraelin-d4o8a8z.jpg

11 thoughts on “I Have Sinned” by chinyere chimodo (@chinyerechimodo)

  1. Indeed he has sinned. Nice piece.Shows a glimpse of what’s going on in the world today.

  2. very reflective…was this written by the late George or in his memory?

  3. This is really nice

  4. This was very well written.

    RIP George.

  5. I love this piece. It has all the features….may George rest peacefully.

  6. @Nitram27, It was written by George himself.

  7. Darn! Nice one, my condolences for the departed…

  8. @Very masterful crafting by George. Of course he lives on through his works and in the hearts of those who love him. Thank you for sharing this.

  9. I love this piece. RIP, George :(

  10. I Love!!!! RIP George. I have to say I LOVE this piece again!

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