Forgiveness and Bliss

Saint or Sinner,

I claim not to be one.

My mind is simple

I desire that from me folly be gone.

But how then shall this be?


Truly, I know only little

But with that I may settle

Even if I cease to learn.

What peace we earn

When in truth we forgive


Forgiveness and Bliss

Side by side they dwell

At least, this I believe!

My pride may swell

and my anger display

when my mind takes offence.

Why not? when my blood still flows.


To the Almighty,my petition is thus-

That I may learn to forgive rightly

Death is the guest all mortals must receive

I am aware

So for it I prepare

When before my Maker I stand

May I have no enemy

Yet to be forgiven


Forgiveness and Bliss

side by side they dwell

Let my heart be calm like the river at dawn

I will forgive and live in Peace.


 Umekwe. U

2 thoughts on “Forgiveness and Bliss” by Uzoma Umekwe (@uzomaumekwe)

  1. Nice one. A very important message nicely delivered.

    1. @jaywriter thanks for the nice words.

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