Dont Judge Me

We shouldn’t even start
No! Not today
Not now!!
Why do you keep blaming me for a wrong
You’re guilty of as well
You call me a whore
A Scarlet Letter lady
With no moral decadence
You accuse me of sleeping with every Dick and Paul on my street
Its true! So?
Are you gonna hit me like
You’ve done in the past?
Well you may hit me all you want
It’ll only make me take it a notch higher.
You caused it all along
If you had been a little more caring
I might have seen the situation through your eyes

2 thoughts on “Dont Judge Me” by Angelah Carson (@Katarah)

  1. All I can say to this poem is “Wahala dey!” (And I’m referring to the persona, not the writing.)

  2. Thanks Efadel for the comment. What I don’t understand is what you meant by “wahala dey for the persona?”

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