Don’t Compromise

Don’t Compromise

They laugh and yell
With eyes like mocking birds.
Take this money and
Open your portal,
Don’t compromise!

When friends without
And pressures within
Rage like the summer’s Tsunami
In Harmattan‘s season,
Don’t compromise!

Your mother’s rant
And father’s gentle poke
“You are over 30, go and marry
Like Bisi and co…”,
Don’t compromise.

Society’s storms,
Culture and tradition
Everybody is doing it
You are not different, someone please
Don’t compromise.

Don’t compromise is the song
We sing in dark and secret times
In rain and sunshine
When all seem to fail
That gentle voice whispers,
Don’t compromise

If he comes with
The white man’s magic,
That iron clad that
Fades with time
To entice you for
A night, my dear
Sister, don’t compromise

If she comes with
Her lips dripping oil
Red like wine
Ready to show her wares
Like they do at Aswani,
My brother,
Don’t compromise.

When all is said and done
Time only unveils on the platform of gold
He who stands when others fall,
Even when falling means fighting still,
Don’t compromise.

8 thoughts on “Don’t Compromise” by sambright (@sambrightomo)

  1. it has been long i hear from you@sambrightomo, this is nice, i like the repetition It was lovely

    1. Thanks my dear for liking.I have been busy with some other things.

  2. I like the message it carries, well done…

  3. Beautiful rendition Sambright. I really enjoyed this. And the imagery was really good.

    Well done. Keep improving your art, man.

    1. O thank you so much @chemokopi, you are far to kind with words.I hope to keep improving.Thank you so much.

  4. Ok o! I will not compromise! I appreciate your word choice.

    1. Thank you for reading. @jollyone, don’t compromise!

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