Writers And Writing Words

Many writers write because others are writing, because of the love poured on those that have their writing published, because of the money made from writing, because they are bored and have nothing to do then decide to go into writing, because they think they know how to juxtapose words, because they can afford a pen and a paper to write or they simply write to belong.

Writing is an art and not science, writing is general not personal, writing is a talent and not stolen or bought, writing is in born and not adopted; writing is natural not artificial. Writing is a language. So if you force yourself to write because of the words in the first paragraph, you are living a life of illusion and likely to crash along in the art.

Why do people proudly call themselves writers, simply because they love to write? It’s their talent. And as a writer I believe you should know the essential basics of writing. You should also know the use of grammar, typos, and the use of tenses, the use of dialogue, figure of speech and part of speech.

A writer who claim to be a writer and cannot use those writing words into his / her writing or understand those writing words is nothing but a learner, a deceiver, a joker, not a writer, a conjuror and such writer should have a rethink and retrace his/her goal before his/her future stand castrated.

A learner because you’re still learning how to write, a deceiver because you are deceiving people and yourself thinking that you are a writer, a joker because you are not serious, not a writer because you are not a writer you are only write, and a conjuror same as deceiver because you are deceiving yourself.

When other writers add comments and correction to your writing, you as the writer does you take note of such corrections and make amends. You as a writer do you understand what the correction the writers had said you should correct. For instance, a writer said you should watch your typos; they’re too many of it in your writing. You as the writer, do you understand what is typos.’ Or do you understand what is full stop before your quotation mark. Can you differentiate the punctuation marks and where to use it? Do you understand the different between grammatical errors and spelling errors? Do you understand the too many use of present tenses and avoid it when writing about a past event. What about the figure of speech, the metaphors, similes, personification, irony, etc.

So writers improve on your writing; don’t be a fool writing. Take note of corrections, work on them and ask questions on words you don’t understand. Don’t be shy that people will laugh at you when you ask, that they will think you have a dull brain. Yes, let them think so but you now what you are doing.

My people will say: The one that ask question never misses route and can never be lost nor misled. When you ask questions, it will only make you better and help improve your writing.

Writers should also try and attend writing schools and writing workshops in order to improve their writing. You have talent in writing cannot only help you; you also need training to improve on good use of writing words. Join writer’s community and take advantage of the writing corrections. It will only make you and me a better writer.


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32 thoughts on “Writers And Writing Words” by Alloywrite (@ify1986)

  1. I’ve read the piece and at the end I’m still trying to process what I’ve read. Maybe I’m not a good reader, but were you writing about creative writing? I don’t think the piece expressed the depth which you as the author set out to write about. In that respect, it failed to exude its creative potency.

    1. I say thanks for reading at first. But what were you confused about? Is it the strong vocabulary or what. Of course I’m refering to creative writing. Please what’re the creative potentials?

  2. for a write up about writing, this piece fell short. it was riddled with typos while attempting to teach abt avoiding such; there were grammatical errors and tense mix ups….
    healer heal thyself!
    first improve on your writing style before attempting to help others

    1. A point is a point whether short or not. Articles don’t need to fill up a sixty page notebook before you figure out the point. You said my writing was murdered with typos. Fine. That’s one problem I have with most of your comments. When you say typos, explain what you mean by typos so that other writers who don’t understand may understand. We are all here to learn. You mentioned grammatical errors and tense mix ups. Please least them out so I can work and improve on them. Don’t say it has k-legs. Where does it has k-legs, let me adjust. Thanks for reading.

      1. @ify1986, because you asked, here are some errors you made in your article, and here are the corrections:

        When other writers add comments and correction to your writing, do you as the writer does you take note of such corrections and make amends.? You as a writer, do you understand what the correction the writers had have said you should correct.? For instance, a writer said says you should watch your typos; they’re too many of it them in your writing. You as the writer, do you understand what is typos typos are (or what typos there are)? Or do you understand what is what it means to have full stops before your quotation mark.s? Can you differentiate between the punctuation marks and where to use itthem? Do you understand the differentdifference between grammatical errors and spelling errors? Do you understand the too many uses of the present tenses and avoid it when writing about a past event.? What about the figure figures of speech, the metaphors, similes, personification, irony, etc.

        I don’t think that @kaycee and @omojola would have been as caustic in their replies if the article hadn’t been about admonishing others to write well. In some ways, it’s a bit funny – like seeing a sign advertising someone’s profession as “Inglissh Edukashon Tisha”. But I agree with the sentiments you express in your article, and I hope you take your advice when writing your next article

  3. Did you post this as a “learner because you are still learning how to write, a deceiver because you are deceiving people and yourself thinking you are a writer, a joker because you are not serious…”

    Physician heal thy self. How dare you come in the midst of writers and disgrace writing with something this awful.

    If you had written a terrible story, people would have perhaps given you a few corrections….

    Oga or madame this is pitiful!

    1. Well, I really do respect your art. No doubt you’re good. But I want to tell you that you’re not perfect. You are equally a learner.
      I never joined this community because I’m a professional nor perfect, and I believe this community is not made for professional but to help train writers to become professionals and better writers.
      I’m equally writing not as a professional but as a learner because I’m still learning. I’m not a physician but my article is expressing to so many writers who are shy to speak and ask question. The issue of writing words used in writing is ignorant to many writers. We are here to teach our selves not insult or put blames at eachother.
      @Kaycee If your writing has been recognise and rated by other writers in this community does not mean you shd kill others who are still learning with your commentsan article is a message, maybe the style of passing the message was wrong. Correct the wrong and get the message.
      I’m so disappointed about your comment, coming from a writer of high respect in this community. How would you say that I came into the midst of writers and disgrace writing awful. It’s a slap to me. For saying out loud, we’re all writers learning to improve.
      I don’t expect it from you. This community is to train writers to be good. I’d keep repeating myself. So I believe any writer under this community is a writer under training, a learner. Likewise you @Kaycee. You’re a learner. What do you mean by writing disgrace? Are you perfect? If you can’t add comment that would help improve the write up, don’t bother commenting. Many writings out there are flops but that doesn’t mean you shd crucify them. If you’re crucifying, let your crucifixion be constructive to help the author.
      And please don’t pity me because I’m not born to be pitied. Oga or madame this pitiful. The statement is not necessary, leave that in your pocket. Thanks for reading anyway.

  4. Okay. I get you. It’s good you acknowledged the fact that no writer is perfect, including you.

    Keep improving, and thanks for the advices.

    1. Thanks for reading. At least you got the message. No one is perfect or professional here. We’re learning. Correct the flops and not use rude words.

  5. Ifeanyi, you are right about something though, writing is an art, not science. And the key to good writing is having a theme. Don’t do the ‘jack of all trade thing and master of none’ thingy. It’s confusing.

    1. Thanks for reading. I appreciate your comment.

  6. The admonition to would-be writers to join writing communities is a welcome one. And it is good you’re here. Before you publish this anywhere else, please read ten more times, editing as you go.

    1. Thanks Myne. Respect goes to you. I’m here to learn not to be frustrated by those who think they’re perfect. Kudos.

  7. You made a few points that’s true with all art forms. Most people write for the wrong reasons. Most make films for the wrong reasons as well.

    Edit better next time. Keep working on your writing too.

    1. Thanks. At least for reading is enough. One love.

  8. LoooL… I have no words for you Sir.

  9. @Dozemaniac you don’t need to say any thing. Just get the article and understand my point. If you think it’s horrible fine. Thanks for reading anyway.

  10. @ify1986: Your courage in taking on such a piece as the one above is, to say the least, preposterous. You fit into the category you set out to admonish, and @kaycee is right… How dare you?

    1. Watch your language.

  11. @Ify1986 you are bold, very bold to have taken on a serious matter as these, even though the article fell short in it’s execution I still got the message you are trying to pass across, and please don’t take whatever anyone say here personal, see it as your phase of patination. People like you who aren’t afraid to make mistakes never miss the direction to where they are going. We all get better as writers because we keep writing all the time. Keep it up, it’s a matter of time.

    1. Thanks man. That’s a comment. You made a point that article fell short in it’s execution but you got the message. With that I can work more on my articles. This is constructive not slay the article as if you’re the best. Welcome Bro.

  12. With the comments I’m getting, It seems my article is controversial. What’s the offence of the article? Why’re some taken it personnal? The article is a voice referring to you and me why be judgemental. There’s a message whether you get it or not. Your comments are appreciated. Correct the mistakes in a constructive way not to insult – the writer is a learner, has a dull brain, who is he, how dare him. No. That won’t add muscles to your arm.we’re here to learn. I’m only saying writers shd ask question on the writing words used in writing. You’ii be surprised some writers don’t know to use parts of speech in their writing, spelling and grammatical errors nor puntuation mark and how to use them in their writing. So they shd stop being shy and ask question on what they don’t know else they’re joking. When writers also comment, they shd try and expantiate on the correction they are making. If you say I disgrace writers with my article in community where we came to be trained as learners then that’s your opinion and it’s left to you. We view things from different angles. I’m happy I joined this community and won’t relent in achieving my aim. Don’t be offended, it’s only an article.. One love writers.

  13. The article looks more to me like a tongue-lashing- like a father wielding a cane over a child-piece, which is why I tend to agree with some of the strong comments. Maybe if it had been presented in a gentle manner we might overlook the errors. I salute the effort though and will advice you practise what you preach…

    That said, writing to me is not only about arts. Science has a role to play in it too, especially when writing stories otherwise your work will simply look drab…

  14. @francis u said it all. The author was coming from a point of view of someone who has mastered the art and is trying to help others develop, so when he fell short of that image by making all the mistakes he was trying to correct, crucixifion was inevitable.
    @ify1986 you made the article personal by ur style of writing, that was why u got so many strong comments. No doubt we got ur message.
    Pls keep writing and improving urslf and always edit ur writings before posting.
    We are all learning and here to help ourselves be better. Sometimes those harsh words r needed to get us on our toes

  15. Lets be sincere!
    After this sort of honest criticism, you will never write anything again without proof reading and making sure you don’t make too many errors.
    That is the goal, no?

  16. *sighs* Keep up the good work! I respect your hustle. Anyone who reads your work would really learn a lot. I mean, so many key points were made, most in between the lines. When we write, we learn things we never knew we knew. I hope you learnt as you wrote this, or posted it. And like your work, I hope you my message too. Kudos

    P.S. I ‘still love you’.

  17. *…i hope you get my message too*

  18. This piece is “terrific” and with the comments, it’s “hilarious,” but don’t get me wrong both the piece and the comments have their rightful place and I implore that all should do well to observe, writer and commentator especially. @ify1986, looks like you’ve been waiting for your moment with @kaycee, coz if you asked me, you failed to heed advice in Paragraph 6. Also note that corrections are not always appetizing, you must endure the shame to learn the lessons sometimes. You’re bold, I give it to you! According to Les Brown “you don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great”. Encore!

    P.S. In England, the period comes after the quotation mark, but in America, it is the other way round. And I learnt a thing or two from you too, now learn from others…

  19. After reading this article and the comments, I have had a long and hearty laugh. So I wish to thank all of ya.:D

  20. I’m still laughing. @ify1986, I’m sure you’ve got the message already. People came down hard on you because your writing was contrary to what you wrote about. It was a case of “Physician, heal thyself.” No need to be defensive. Just ensure, next time, that you are not guilty of what you’re criticizing. Take the criticisms, including the harsh ones, with some humour. And don’t stop writing. Thank you for sharing.

  21. guy easy with the corrections, understand your point though, it can be quite annoying.
    but seriously poster, how come you are correcting people on typographical errors and you are making some yourself. it is not nice. for example this should not be found
    When other writers add comments and correction to your writing, you as the writer DOES you take note of such corrections and make amends.
    does is the wrong word to be used there, so please easy.
    thanks on the write-up though, it is a wake-up call for us to up our game here

  22. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    Sighs, dude, take correction and improve your art, then and only then can you come out in the midst of learned ones and get the applause you crave. Right now, all you will get is heat ’cause your main article is fraught with typos and grammatical errors, and your comments, deplorable.

    Please, this is not to undermine your writing but to inspire you to work harder get your act together and forge ahead. We are all learning together so feel free to critique the works of other writers.

    Keep writing.

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