Train of thought

Train of thought

I had almost written you a poem;

It would have been legendary; I too with it

the type to get published

recommended by the connoisseur;

admired by the amateur; memorized

by the odd keen student of literature

with all the right figures of speech

with cadence, rhythm, diction

It was right there on my mind’s edge

Yes, just right there at the cusp

I really should have been faster

at putting pen to paper

but what’s done is done, you know?

If I recall its witty lines

of course you’ll be first to know

but until then please let this do

I would also not mind (if you insist)

plugging in the odd verbose platitude

even more, making it rhyme

if a decent substitute it would make

6 thoughts on “Train of thought” by Ebele Mogo (@Ebele)

  1. nice write! Well packaged and contructed.

  2. Awesome! The rhymes and meter subtly infused the poem with a very harmonious rhythm. You really did good with this.

    Still, the poem didn’t seem to end with a strong punch. Maybe you could work on that.

    Well done. Keep improving your art.

    1. cool. thanks for your suggestion:) what do you think would have worked better?

  3. you nailed it there

    1. *big smile* Thank you

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