Tomb Talk

Freaky decisions made from tipsy opinions correlate with certain unstable incidences that define history. Actions conclude the intent our unsure thoughts proclaim, bad ones announce the entrance of a mistake…a miss stake, one ripple out of many glides towards a repercussion, the 2nd law of Newton if physics entices you.

We step blindly into the smoky shadows of the unknown, reaching out for uncertain explanations
to certify that the next breath exhales without a hitch. Good and bad are in the spotlight here,
one casts a shadow while the other infects a marrow. I wanna take a walk, speak a talk…enter a thought and follow through how the action makes a move that infect different lives into their doom or bliss.

The mystery of the moon reflects down to earth, making the sun a hot liar whose truth lie in the brightness of the destruction in which it envelopes the hemisphere. Growth is the pathway to death as increase covertly decreases our lineage making sure our expectant long life is about a short death…an ending that begins with its beginning.

Nothingness is defined with something inordinately tangible; like the delicious oxygen we inhale to keep us in this mangled world of deceit, desperation and death, even when we don’t wanna stay. Incoherence is a language of the insane that announces a comprehension of the former spicing up with the latter which expands into a meaningful jargon of why the world exists.

The rough waters drift the dead infinite seas of inception, therefore carrying the ripples of grey shadows into the wet devastation that follows every iota of a teardrop. Mosquitoes survive on man’s inconvenience as well as houseflies that have to make a living, even if its going to be half a day; full use of blatant inconsideration and weak personality torment idle souls into sailing the black waters of superstition via the broad boat of the African curse.

4 thoughts on “Tomb Talk” by yhemie (@eimehy)

  1. weldone! Prose-like poetry is my mother’s favourite.

    1. ah!….such great taste your mother has…….most don’t get it.

  2. Very mature lines. What must have inspired these lines? One of those ‘randy’ artistic moments?

    1. @jaywriter…..touche….guess i grew a beard…….

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