Three Poems

Three Poems

Black Mother

The woman from whose loins I emerged
From the savage land
I remember you
To whom honour is due.
Dance, the dance of the forest
That your lost children may find rest!
I remember you, sweet dark woman
Whose supple dance moves every man,
I celebrate you every year
And make your adoration fill the air,
The woman from whose loins I sprang
I remember the song you sang
The night I was born,
You sang till the day is gone
And make the Gods dance and sweat.
Rise black mother! Rise, lest I forget,
Intoxicate every dancer
Make them traverse every corner!

Lines Of Poetry Fall From Trees

Lines of poetry fall from trees
Like leaves fresh from its bud.
They fall at random,
They fall for nothing
But never out of nothing.
Trees does not know its planter
It grows, it yields
According to its specie…

Chime, Justice Ndubuisi

I’ve been bitten twice
But I refuse to be shy.
I must break the power of event,
The seal of fate
And cut the cord of destiny.
I must settle my existence!

I’ll wait, focussed
With my binoculars on,
For my future, bright as the day
Lies before me, assuring!
I have my rights,
My life is mine,
I lose my right, I lose my life.
I’ll grab it, my true identity,
I’ll live it, despite this existential crypt!

5 thoughts on “Three Poems” by Chime221 (@Chime221)

  1. I love the first poem, its hyberbole is exclusive.

  2. Who is Black Mother?

  3. The second poem I like,
    Stay inspired sir

  4. @basittjamiu, thanks dear…@chemokopi, i don’t think ‘black mother’ is a person that i can point to you and say, ‘this is her’. She’s in every black woman. @ayistar, thank you too for making out time to read and comment… i’m motivated.

  5. there’s something good here……………….

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