The Morning Bird

The Morning Bird

Like fire, she ignited and sparked my soul ablaze. She was fierce and full with hot chi which was of the color red.  Even though she acted different, I could tell from her black and thick hair, that she was from the land of the Ash demons. Her eyes glittered with the fires of the morning eagle. I had seen her once on a glorious morning, when I was still young of age. I watched her spread her wings and fly into the skies. On that day, she shone brighter than the blue morning. She was savagely proud; a beauty without fear. As she moved through the forest, I ran hastily past the trees, hoping to gaze on her beauty for as long as I could. And as she flew away into the rising sun, I thought I would never see her again, but like a messiah she appeared; bold and divine. She had come back with a new chi; she came back to tell me we had an unfinished journey to complete.

4 thoughts on “The Morning Bird” by Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

  1. This is really nice

    1. @topazo, thanks my brother..Appreciate

  2. Awesome. Please develop this into something even more beautiful.

    Well done

    1. @chemokopi Thanks my brother, Yes, this excerpt is part of a bigger project, in time, I will share more. Again thanks for stopping by, appreciate.

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