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Bello was a big-time trader born in the south-east and grew up to marry three wives from among the natives, each with children that have no knowledge of his native Hausa language. As he advanced in age his story of terminal illness brought everyone of his family to his bedside in crisis time when he got into coma. This time in coma had been on a few days and even though it happened before, the doctors seemed to act as if he might not survive this attack. So as the days in coma lengthened with the family, friends joined the bedside watch and crowd. At the end of one week, even his shop boys had to shut down and also joined. On the eight day he slowly opened his eyes and looked around at the many tearful faces wondering with relief at his return from another world. One by one he called out the names of his three shop boys and youngest wife; then said: ‘You are all here, so who is tending customers at the shop?’

Joseph is a member of the third largest and fastest growing new-age religion with a Holy Scripture that’s one of four cardinal sources of pride. The other three in his preferred order are their name for God, their method of non-directed prayer singing their name for God, and the joy of a living teacher of this name for God who doubles as a physical coach and spiritual guardian angel. The reason Joe celebrates his bible the most is how reading it daily makes him understand what this life is designed to achieve. He says it is designed to last a whooping 4320000 years cast into a wondrous cycle of day or night and each of us is a traveller who gets caught in his or her own peculiar distractions, like Bello and his shop family. Joe’s main problem is watching how seeming travellers create an array of intricate distractions that eventually swallow their desire to travel and they become frustrated settlers trying hard to fill the time with petty issues like society, education, politics, government, science and religion in which distractions distend, double daily to develop into debates and destructions celebrating issues of property and fear of death.

When Joseph speaks about his Scripture or flashes its arresting authoritativeness about life such as where heaven and earth meet in the human body to enable forgiveness as a virtue, he comes to with sparkles in his eyes for the everyday miracles of how human life must be allowed to live for God in the name of God. If he begins with the chapter layout, how each has about thirty thousand words which take up to one full hour to read through in one run, he says there are twenty four chapters in all as if there is the reason why each day has that number of hours. Asked if he had ever done the twenty-four hour runtime in one day all the years in his religion, he laughs it away. He waves away the tedium of book reading, claiming that the physical copy of any true scripture is at best a Reader’s Digest version of how we are each eternal as a face and a facet of our creator. So there is one reason why we are designed to sleep long and when the student in each of us is ready, during sleep the coach and teacher comes to take you to appropriate class room of scripture study in a dream. He explains it as the fourth way of learning which the human race has lost all sense of this connection; it has become displaced by many playthings and ploys, debates and destruction drowning adventure, becoming wary of the destination of every pilgrim from cradle to grave.

Bello and Joseph may not be such extremists of paradise lost and found if you consider that Anwuli was the leading political party chairperson and happily married in a world where women presume to be vulnerable underdogs with a heart for justice. Inside three years of her tenure she owned all the five-star properties used as political party offices across three dozen states and received as many awards of pioneering excellence for emerging corporate woman. Then the bubble burst in court, she awarded herself a cautionary jail term and all of that property redeemed.

If you believe these three might be big shots with naturally big problems, take the case of Emem who was just a typical village nurse. She became involved in a car accident that left her hip and legs in scars able to complicate her job routines. She was placed on desk duties for awhile till suddenly a new matron sent her back to bay. She bent fully to carry out every detail and cursed every moment for the pain. In a few weeks, hip and legs straightened out from daily stress and her torture turned to gratitude. What is this Life? More to follow!

Tony Nwadialo, author – The Three Freedoms  series – Volume 1 @

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