T.O.F Chapter Three. Dark Voices 5

T.O.F Chapter Three. Dark Voices 5

“This is the moment, tell her how you feel; proclaim it to her – build a seal ─ a shield.” The Revlin in my head shouted in a low voice.
I knew it was the right moment to ‘do-whatever-I’ve-got-to-do’ with this girl. To tell her how truly I feel towards her. I opened my mouth to talk but words just didn’t want to come out. I was totally speechless.
The silence was heavy but I broke into it after a few seconds. “Really? You thought you will loose me? To whom if I may ask? Who is as gorgeous as you? See, Angel, I really Lo ” my mouth hung in a big O shape, not completing the word I wanted to say. Her eyes feasted on my face in a sort of awkward way. “…you” I concluded, closing my mouth.
“My love…” she called, adjusting her head more on my laps. “I thought I was going to die and my last wish is for you to be my death bed. I’m so happy you came, I’m already feeling better just because of your presence…”
“What caused the cough?” I asked taking her unawares and ignoring the fact that she had just called me ‘Her Love’. She blinked twice and heaved lightly before she answered.
“I don’t know, it just came.” The reply was straight, not coaxed with feelings.
A cold sensation ran through my nerves as a sudden realization dawned on me. I have been with this girl alone in the infirmary for about twenty minute with her resting her head on my laps. I think I’d better go before something uncalled for happens; the raging erectness between my thighs is really not helping matters. Gently I rose and replaced my lap with the pillow that had been lying besides her useless.
“Angel, I think I’m going to go now. See ya later”
“Please Stan, don’t leave me now. I don’t want to be alone  at least not now. I know that you’ve tried for me by staying with me. Please just hold on for a little more for Nurse Sophia to return from the canteen. P-p-please my love” she pleaded. The words omitted from her mouth like they were some kind of arrow directed straight at my hearts. I felt for her, really felt for her and I sat back on the bed. This time she used my laps as her foot-rest.
“Stanley,” she called stainlessly after few seconds.
“Yes,” I answered as meekly as I could.
“I Love You,” she pronounced, mouthing each word with heavy emphasis. She continued immediately before I could even open my mouth to say anything. “With all my heart.” I felt overwhelmed  no one has ever professed love to me before, except of course my Mum who always reminds me of her undying love for me. But this was different; it wasn’t like Mum pecking me and telling me she loves me, it’s something else. I wasn’t sure if she was expecting a reply or . . . but I know that this type of stuff requires response. My mouth flung ajar but words ceased to omit; she was gazing intently into my eyeballs and I was returning the gaze actually not looking at her but just gazing into the open air.
“This is the moment, seal the Shield. Just add ‘too’ to yours, this is your golden opportunity- utilize it.”
“I Lo- thank you. Me too” I managed to mutter after sometime.
“Shit! He couldn’t even profess his love for me. Maybe he doesn’t love me, maybe he’s just merely attracted to me. But  I love him, I want to be his girlfriend, I want to be kissed by those lucious lips of his, I . . .”
“Angel.” Once again, I interrupted her train of thoughts. With everything that had happened, I was feeling restless and my mind wasn’t at ease  it was aching terribly. Why couldn’t I even profess my love to a girl that had professed hers to me? Yeah, I’m I truly in love with her? Can’t she see I love her? Why must I say it for her to know? Aren’t my actions loud enough? Tons and tons of unanswerable questions kept flipping through my head.
I decided to bring everything to a halt, including the feelings I think I have for Angel. I decided to suspend it. I knew Angel’s game  had known from the very start and I resolved to let her know that I know. My mind was battling, the voice in my head was shouting on top of its voice for me not to spoil the game.
Like a wounded lion, I sprang up from the bed, throwing her legs back at the bed. I didn’t know what came over me; I was even surprise at my own actions.
“I can’t do this. I can’t continue like this anymore! This isn’t working, things aren’t working.” My voice vibrated within the infirmary, echoing back at me.
Gently, she sat up on the bed and with tearful eyes, she asked softly “Why?”
“Why?” I repeated her question, “Because everything is faked. I’m tired of charades; I want a real live- real love. Lovers aren’t liars!” I bellowed and continued, not letting her to say anything. “You want my love and affection, you want my kiss, you want me. Tell me, was that why you took the Majaka? Was that why you had to pretend to be sick while you aren’t? fine, you want a lone time with me, did you have to shout on everyone with your eyes to excuse us? Listen Angel, Some things Can’t Be. We are teenagers and still in school, our priority should be our education. Okay, just now, I had to forfeit Mrs. Catherine’s class for the rest of the term because I walked out of her class to come see you.
“I think all your actions are based on the fact that I helped that poor girl the other day. You think I’ll dive into her pants because of her vulnerability? You think she’s won me over? See my dear Angel, First Things First. Our education comes first, other things follow. I’m going to go see Mrs. Catherine and mend broken pots. Honestly, I think we will just be friends just friends we are, no more no less.” I concluded. My voice was harsh and direct, rising and falling at tempos. She was sobbing softly, hankie in hand rubbing her eyes.
“O-o-okay Stan, I get it. I did it all just to get your attention which seems to be diverted of recent. I’m not faking my feelings for you  I really do L-l-love you from the depth of my heart. I know I faked the cough; I took the Majaka for the fake blood and planned it all with Nurse Sophia to let me have a lone time with you. EVERYTHING I DID, I DID FOR YOU  JUST FOR YOU. Susan John, as I later got to know from her friend Verona had also faked the convulsion just to get your attention. In fact it was Verona who gave me the Majaka saying that it will aid in my plan.
I know you have feelings for me, I know you L-love me. I’m sorry if I cost you your Economics class for the term, but that’s what true love should be like  SACRIFICES. LOVERS ARE JEALOUS—REAL LOVERS MUST BE JEALOUS. You want to know what makes a teenage high school girl more-than-happy? It’s when the guy she loves professes his undying love for her to her. Just hearing the words from the lips of the one you love makes a lady feel elated.
I even had to set the ball rolling by saying the three magic words to you, yet . . . I’m sorry if I disappoint you because I can’t be ‘Just Friends’ with the man I love.” She concluded, breaking up and picking up at intervals. Her voice was pure, real and striking. It went deep down through my body to my bones.
“What are we if we aren’t ‘Just Friends’?” I asked, feigning calmness. Most of her words have struck me at heart.
“I don’t know. Frenemies maybe.” She mouthed also feigning calmness.
“The magic words you wanted to hear from me, was that why you wired yourself? That black button perched on your cloth isn’t it a recorder? You wanted to record the words from my lips and then . . . maybe even submit it to a radio house. STANLEY BENEDICT, SON OF HIGHLY ACCLAIMED DR BENEDICT LEVYTE PROFESSES LOVE TO A SICK STUDENT AT THE INFIRMARY. HOW ROMANTIC! Anyways, Frenemies you say we are but I say ‘Just Friends’.”
In a flash I dashed out from the Clinic before she could say anything else. I knew she sobbed. I almost bumped into Nurse Sophia on my way out; we exchanged wicked-sweet smiles and headed off opposite directions.

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