T.O.F. Chapter Three. Dark Voices 1

T.O.F. Chapter Three. Dark Voices 1

Three- Dark Voices.

Believe me, I’ve seen things and I have also heard things. The recent happenings in the library crowned it all. What a hell in this world is a Revlin? A shadowy being  air being that sips into you and stays in your head just to disturb you, wow! So Dan is not ordinary, hmmm, I guessed as much.
In this life, things lead to thing, everything has a cause; nothing just happens. But in my own case… I certainly can’t understand what’s going on. Anyways, one thing I know for sure is that Angel is in love with me. Now, what the hell is love?
Much of what we call love is in fact mutually indulged laziness, believe me or not, that is what I have finally come to understand. Really, I’ve got to say this- its funny. Mr. Andrew had once said that love is nothing, it is just a dirty trick played on us to achieve the continuation of species.
Dan just wont let me be, he had kept pestering me to make a move on Angel before something happens. “Dude, you’ve got to tell her how you feel towards her. She’s head over heels for you,” he had told me on a Wednesday evening during Games period. I had ignored him, I just kept wiping the tennis egg with my bat. On the other end of the table was Louis Kingsley my school son.
Within me I know I’ve got to act, act as fast as I can before someone else takes her away from me. I really got to profess my love to her and maybe… just maybe  adorn her luscious lips with a kiss as a seal to our commitment.
After much ado, I’d finally decided to take the bull by the horn and dance to whatever rhythm that comes from the drumbeat, but… there lies one big problem which is ‘to act’. It is always easier said than done. The fact remains that whenever I’m in her presence, I feel overwhelmed. It always seems to me that I’m a beast in front of an Angel; a Heavenly perfect being.
Hey, don’t quote me wrong. Honestly I don’t have any problem talking and flirting with girls. In fact it’s one of my favorite hobby; toasting babes. It’s just that this Angel of a girl is something else, I really don’t know so I can’t exactly tell what it is but… I’d relate my plight to Dan and he came up with a plan.
“I understand how you feel, all I need from you is the permission and I’ll do the ‘talking’ for you. Trust me, I will deliver perfectly,” he said but I refused. I can’t send a guy to help relay my feelings to a girl; it’s just not manly enough. It’s either I do it myself or  or  or… whatever, but I’ve got to do it myself and it’s got to be pretty soon.
It’s been four weeks since my assumption into office; work has really not been swift sailing for me and Esther my assistant is not helping matters, in fact she is making it worse for me. The ego of ‘big-girlism’ had eaten up her dedication and passion for the library. These days, I’m even beginning to suspect her moves. She now moves around with the epileptic girl (Susan John) and her peers. What on earth has she got to do with Susan John? Maybe I’ll tell Dan and we’ll track her down.
Work and study are two big different things, at least I’ve experienced both. These days, I miss out on a lot of lessons in the class; it’s either I’m in the library doing one or two things (definitely not reading- no time) or I’m attending S.U.G meetings or  something must always creep up to make sure I’m not in class. The other day, it was the manager, Rev. Fr. Patrick Jones that wanted to see all prefects. Honestly, believe me I’m not complaining, it’s just that things are not what I presumed.

* * * * * * * *

Excuse me please; have you ever seen a rat wearing a jacket? Has it ever been heard that a vulture visited a barbing saloon or better still you might have come across an airplane in a car-wash. In this life, some things are certain and some things are just impossible.
It was a cool Monday morning, the crickets were still in bed, and not even the cockroaches have awoken. I was startled by a sharp piercing noise and I immediately woke up and gazed at my wristwatch which has a green inbuilt light. The time was 3 a.m. on the dot. I sat up on my bed listening deep into the silent night, trying to capture the sound that has startled me. Not long it came; an Owl was perched on the zinc and was singing- how awful. Owls don’t sing, they hoot. The most surprising part of it was that the Owl was singing the ‘Pater Noster’ hymn. Evans Joseph was punctuating the song with his heavy snores. Shit!
Thank God it stopped. The singing Owl was cut short just when it was about to conclude the ‘sed libera nos amalo – Amen’ part when I heard something drop on the ground with a light ‘thud’ sound. Evans’s heavy snores was the only remaining thing preventing me from going back to sleep. Anyways, I decided to go back to sleep and forget whatever it is I heard. Maybe  just maybe I’m hallucinating. Ouch!
Just as my head was about touching the pillow, a pierce sound came again and I immediately sprang up from bed and got hold of my flashlight and had wanted to flash it to the angle I heard the noise from.
“No, don’t flash the torch because you won’t see a thing. Just wait,” I heard a voice spoke to me from my head. I guess it’s the old man that had sipped into my head, what is that they call theirselves again? Revlins. Magical beings that occupy one’s thoughts and conscience and helps one not to go astray.
I did not know how it happened, but I spoke back with my mind.
“Why?” I asked the Revlin.
“Because you won’t see a thing with the flashlight. What you’re about to see is not ordinary. Just be patient, it’s almost time.” It replied and kept mute. I still held the torch tightly but my thumb was not in the switch anymore.
Few minutes later, everywhere became stake silent, even Evans had stopped snoring and the wind blowing outside seemed to be on pause. Then it came again this time more clearer than before; albeit I can’t decipher what it is but I’m damn sure it was human voice. Who sane being would be awake at this time of the night, 3 a.m. when it is rumored that demons roam the most. I tightened my fist around the flashlight and made a strong resolution to flash it, if it should get serious.
“Master Cire shut your eyes tightly and focus more on your ears. It will enable you get a clearer grasp of what you are hearing,” the Revlin spoke in his usual bass-filled strong voice. I reluctantly obeyed. How the hell would he tell me to shut my eyes? What if it’s a monster roaming outside looking for who to prey on? Anyways, I obeyed not because I wanted to but the curiosity was already aflame. At least, if I can’t see a thing, I would be able to hear a thing.
At first it filtered into my ears in murmurs in whispers. The voice was near but distant, sounding like a static radio station whose frequency is not clear. I could hear more voices; they were discussing or rather arguing. The second voice, although unclear, awoke my cerebellum; a resemblance appeared in my head almost immediately. I fought really hard to specify who the voice belongs to, but since it isn’t clear enough, I couldn’t.
“Master Cire, you have to focus more. Concentrate all your senses on ‘hearing’. You need to command your brain and control your pulse; you need to have a hold over the magic in you. It’s easy, just remain calm, cease breathing for few seconds and let your ears fly… let them fly to the words and bring it back… just let them fly,” the voice in my head spoke, this time it was saccharined with horror. It seems my life depends on my ability to do what he had just said. How the hell should I make my ears fly? What does he mean by commanding my brain? In fact, what the hell is he doing in my head?
However, a shrill aura of protection enveloped me a kind of protection that comes along with fear; fear of death. I had to shut my eyes more tightly and laid perfectly still, my fists were clenched tightly and even my breathing ceased for few seconds. I was as still and lifeless like a corpse lying in state, the only difference was that I’m not yet dead.
All my senses became focused only on ‘hearing’; I really wanted to make my ears fly.
Then like an awakening dawn, my ears widened it’s lobes and flew. The voice became clearer… clearer… clearer and then it became perfectly clear. It just seems that they were talking right to me. I was perplexed that my brain responded positively by adapting to my state of being. I felt like wow, and thrilled. The discussion of the two voices came right to my ears as clear as the sound of jingle-bells. I just laid still, deciding not to interrupt whatever it is that the voices were saying. Both voices were feminine.

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