SPEAK THE WORD – TV Speech Contest Workplan

SPEAK THE WORD – TV Speech Contest Workplan

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As one of the major activities conditioned to further the objectives of LitCaf (a place of books, discussions and entertainment), we present the workplan for a speech contest, SPEAK THE WORD, organized in collaboration with Society for Young Nigerian Writers. The contest, which is to be broadcast though Silverbird Television and streamed through the internet, is to span 11 weeks.


Representatives from the states of the federation and the Federal Capital Territory are to participate in a maximum of four stages. In the first stage, contestants are to choose four (in order of preference) from topics listed below (See I). Winning contestants are to proceed to Stage two, which features another round of speechmaking. Final stages are to include the making of video documentaries with the theme of finalists’ choice topics.


I.                    Topics to choose from



i.                     Hope or our nation

ii.                   Why o nations fail?

iii.                  When is a nation?

iv.                 When is a nation said to have failed?

v.                   Between a nation in itself and a nation for itself

vi.                 Equality of destiny and a place or all; the reset button at the turnoff each generation

vii.                State of Africa

viii.              The nature of Liberty

ix.                 Is feminism a race ahead of time?

x.                   Is ours Capitalism or Economic Cannibalism?

xi.                 Between loyalty and a culture of excellence; the promotion o mediocrity around here.

xii.                Why are we thus tossed about? Is Africa disfavored by nature?

xiii.              The commonwealth of dreams and the needed pillars of support in Africa

xiv.              Sexual despots; modern prostitution in corporate brothels

xv.               Pains and agony of struggling parents: Is tertiary education still a viable investment in this clime?

xvi.              Of lacksture performance and Olympic embarrassment; what ails the Nigerian sport sector

xvii.            The sublime fuetry of life; Dreamy aspirations and the harsh prose of economic realities

xviii.           Of stupid songs and lyrical imbecilities; the dark heart and spirit of this generation

xix.              Pains or perspectives; what has Nigeria’s past got to offer us?

xx.               Tender thoughts and affections: the family blocks as panacea or a right society

xxi.              A bond that knows no boundary; links of affection across the class divides.

xxii.            Of PhD truck rivers and graduate cart pushers

xxiii.           When will Africa define its world?

xxiv.          The Sino-African relationship; how to predict the future

II.                  Times table for Contest




Week 1-       A.            Osun                     vs.          Niger

B.            Ogun                     vs.          Anambra


Week 2-       C.            Edo                        vs.          Abia

D.            Plateau                                vs.          Cross Rivers


Week 3-       E.            Lagos                    vs.          Enugu

F.            Delta                     vs.          Kano


Week 4-       G.           Rivers                    vs.          Kaduna

H.            Kwara                   vs.          Akwa Ibom


Week 5-       I.             Oyo                        vs.          FCT Abuja

J.             Benue                   vs.          Imo


Week 6-       K.            Ebonyi                  vs.          Kogi

L.             Ondo                     vs.          Borno






Week 7-       M.          A                             vs.          C

N.           B                             vs.          D


Week 8-       O.           E                              vs.          G

P.            F                              vs.          H


Week 9-       Q.           I                               vs.          K

R.            J                              vs.          L






Week 10-     X.            M                            vs.          N

T.            O                             vs.          P

Week 11-     U.           Q                             vs.          R








Week 11-     V.            X             vs.          T              vs.          U






1.       Contestants are advised to appear at least two hours before each contest to allow for rehearsals

2.       Contestants are encouraged to develop a fan base in their respective states as to increase their chances of winning

3.       Contestants coming from considerable distance to participate are to present evidence of travelling expenses for the purpose of reimbursement and to have accommodation arranged

4.       Contestants are not permitted to slander or make unverifiable allegations in course of their speechmaking.

5.       Contestants are to display the spirit of sportsmanship at the end of each contest

6.       Contestants are enjoined to research their presentations as they might be asked to substantiate their claims or make references to back it up.

7.       Contestants have the right to fault each other’s oratory architecture/prowess at a specific juncture called “point of convergence”

8.       Voting shall take place via telecommunication lines, i.e special SMS codes.

9.       Contestants shall have the right to request for transcripts showing results of votes. The right to do so shall expire after 2 weeks of each contest.

10.   Voting shall commence at the start of each contest and will last for the 48 hours.  Results shall be announced on LitCaf website.

11.   Contestants are advised to prepare speeches having human angle (specific stories with pseudonyms or real names and places). Astounding statistics, facts and good illustrations are the things the public look forward to.





1.       Representatives of Society for Young Nigerian Writers across the federation are the only people entrusted with the nomination of contestants as state representatives.

2.    Nomination should be followed by the submission (soft copy) of nominee photograph and profile stating name, age, education and profession. Entries should be sent to info@litcafnigeria.com or tope.apoola@litcafnigeria.com

3.    Participants will be notified by Feb. 1, 2013.

4.    Questions to be directed to Wole, 08072673852 or Tope, 08166906999




Apoola Temitope
Chief Executive
LitCaf Nigeria

1st Floor, E-Center
11, Commercial Avenue
Yaba, Lagos.

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