Somewhere Short of Heaven

See, Dapo and Simi had a classic love story. They met in SS 2 when he let her copy off his chemistry exam because, damn, she was cute. They both laughed afterwards at the D they individually got because, shit, he hadn’t studied for the exam either. She was cool like that- one of those chicks that did not seem to be fazed by anything. It doesn’t seem like a big deal now but back then a seventeen year old girl that could hold her own in a conversation, without dissolving into a fit of giggles was rare. Especially if that conversation was with Dapo Harrington, their class’ reigning “Boss”. She had cocked her eyebrow and hidden a smile the first time someone had called him that in her presence.

“What?” he had asked, catching her look before she could turn away.

“Nothing.” She responded innocently, muttering “Boss” under her breath.

He had felt it then for the first time – that out-of-control, insecure feeling he would forever associate with being around Simi. The things that made him want to be with her were also the things that scared the hell out of him. The way she stared at him intently like every word mattered, in-turn making him want to make every word count. Her honesty and straightforwardness were terrifying to someone who prided himself on being a bull shit artist. It felt like she could see right through him and the notion made him want to run away and hold her close at the same time.

He told her he loved her barely a month after they started dating. Don’t get me wrong, he had said that shit to a lot of girls but he knew it had not meant anything until now. He had fully expected her to laugh at him; give him one of her sardonic smiles and tell him that he was too young to know what love was; call him out on using emotions as a ploy to get physical with her. Instead she had given him a shy smile, held his gaze and whispered “I love you too”. His face must have registered pure shock because she laughed and said “close your mouth” before kissing his cheek and running back to her dorm.

It was a cute story… but they were never going to last.

See Dapo and Simi were bigger romantics than they would ever admit to themselves. The fact that they thought they could actually build a relationship was testament to that fact. Dapo was a guy’s guy, a player’s player, the Boss. To think he could become domesticated was a joke. We all knew it but damn if one of us was going to say it.

It eventually all unraveled over summer break. Dapo went to Jand like he had done every year since he was born; and Simi stayed in Lagos, attending French camp like she had done since she was ten. Dapo stayed with older cousins and seemed to be at a different party every night; Simi pined for him as she conjugated verbs in a language she cared little about. Dapo tweeted his every move but never seemed to have the time to call; Simi left long face book messages that she knew he would ignore. He was being a bastard, she was being dense… you know how that story goes.

Then Notting Hill carnival came and approximately 2 hours after the party, the pictures were all over Facebook. About 12 hours after that, the story had spread to everyone in their crowd. Dapo had cheated… and the dumb motherfucker had left himself tagged in the pictures. Dapo dancing with some Rihanna knock-off at the club; Rihanna-wannabe sitting on his lap with her skirt riding up; Dapo in the background of a group photo, clearing making out with the unnamed girl that is not Simi. Some said he went home with her that night, others said they hooked up in his car. Whatever the truth was, one thing was certain- Simi was no one’s fool.

‘Dear Dapo…’ the break-up message was rumored to have said ‘FUCK YOU- we’re done!’

Lol, nicely done. And we all thought that was the end of them- not by a long shot.

5 thoughts on “Somewhere Short of Heaven” by bbcakes (@babycakes)

  1. Good start, @bbcakes – at least, I assume it’s the first part of a story from the ending. I like the breezy style.

    I was confused at Dapo being described first as a romantic, then as a player.

  2. Fast paced, good story telling, lovely ending with promise of something juicier to come…
    I hope there is a sequel?
    Well done

  3. Fast paced, good story telling, lovely ending with promise of something juicier to come…
    I hope there is a sequel?
    Well done!

  4. I love the way you write. Its amazing

  5. I will use your words……….. Lol, nicely done.

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