Your open petals
Warm scent, welcoming smile
Ignite a fire,
Passionate flames
Beneath those hidden parts
Which I constantly want a part;
I’m convinced it’s charming
But enigmatic and mysteriously inviting.

I want a part for my nose
My eyes have seen enough.
Let me feel your boundlessness
The inside of your being;
The oily part, the new testament.
Let me testify,
Quietly release from your bud
Let the insects pollinate your sweet essence
And produce other hips
Let them regenerate.

A flower among flowers,
Let the fruit-eating birds
Disperse your seeds in their droppings!

2 thoughts on “Rose” by Chime221 (@Chime221)

    1. @CHIME221, I couldn’t think otherwise, the piece is well-rendered………………..

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