I am a victim of overwhelming nostalgia
How I hate the thought of those days;
Reminiscence so bitter yet memoirs so sweet.
That day on ya’ cute head I put a diadem
In the kingdom of ma’ heart crowned you queen.
So happy on my head you put a crown
The ritual automatically made me a king.
I have reigned for quite so long ya’ highness
Yet today I seethe with this feeling, rage.

I search my broken heart day and night
For a vestige of what I once felt for you
I am sorry to say I find none
All along I have lived with the pain
Of the betrayal of the love I had for you.
Officially you’d anointed me ya’ king
On the contrary I was ya’ lackey all ma’ reign;
The love- intoned songs you sang for me
On ma’ back you made me a clown
I was the first king to carry the queen’s fan.

You’d said you’ll take me for better n’ for worse
On ma’ sick bed you refused to be my nurse
You ran away never to come back
I knew better than be on ya’ tracks;
You used to smell like a rose, sweet as honey
You are now malodorous, sour as vinegar;
O babe, I’m not vengeful, I hate you like poison
I must say I’d be mad, to love you again
I lost patience pudding, detest ya’ trivialities.


Never Ever

Never ever had I an illusion than that of love
Never ever had I a feeling than that of love
Never ever had I been worried than by love
Never ever had I lied than ‘coz of love
Never ever had I been an al desko than for love
Never ever had I cried than because of love
Never ever had I done stupid mistakes than ‘coz of love
Never ever had I been a recessionista than for love
Never ever had I been an infomania than when’s in love.
Never ever had I wined than when I was in love
Never ever had I wanted to forget than how to love
Never ever had I been heartbroken than by love
Never ever had I vowed than never ever to love.


Copyright (c)Elove Poetry, 2013.

8 thoughts on “Rage” by elovepoetry (@elovepoetry)

  1. @elovepoetry,……….and never ever had I been lie dreaming except for affection than because of love.
    ‘the poem is exceptional’

    1. @basittjamiu… Like it that you like it…. thanks for reading.

  2. Good stuff. Found some rhyme I liked too. I also feel there’s something more here. Tell please,what happened to the lines you wrote dis person when love’s fire burned in you two? Sure there is(are)!

  3. @dolphineyes… Well, the lines I wrote to my love when the fire burned are still fresh in my mind, and are safely locked in my heart, and on the paper that I put under the matress of the bed I once didn’t want to leave even for a second…. it is the rage of what has happened these last days that consumes me….

  4. @elovepoetry: hmmm,hmmm. Am a green-horn in these matters. Feel you though. Musta been hard. Here’s some sunlight for you man

    1. @dolphineyes… i hope the sunlight lights the path for my dark soul

  5. This got me so emotional….

    1. It happens @Estee, at that particular time when the source of your insanity had just dropped the bombshell and you can’t believe your ear, and eyes as they walk away. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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