On Useless, Selfish, Wicked And Focusless Elders

There is this African adage that says “what an elder sees sitting a child cannot see even if he climbs the tallest iroko tree”.
To me this is a terrible misconception, a lie invented by our elders to give them the respect and honour that some of them do not even deserve.
Let me start by defining an elder according to the online dictionary wikipedia an elder is a person holding a position of authority while in the context of religion it is defined as a person valued for his wisdom who accordingly holds a position of authority in a church group here I have taken the liberty to use the christian categorisation to apply to all religions. An elder is an influential member of a tribe or community often a chief or ruler, a superior.
If the definition above is applied to Nigerian elders then I am sorry to say we don’t have elders in Nigeria or at the very least we just have elders who are selfish, wicked and lack focus.
When one looks at all the ills of Nigeria today I can beat my chest and say that ninety percent of all the problems bedevilling Nigeria lies at the doorstep of our elders as it is these elders that are our leaders.
Nigeria is a Country sinking into the quicksand of corruption, mismanagement, tribal and religious conflicts and our leaders who are elders and who are supposed to find cures for our ills are not doing anything about it in fact all they are doing is pushing us deeper into the quicksand. From independence from the British colonial rulers our leaders our elders were supposed to have laid solid foundation for the future generations to benefit from or at least build on the foundation left by the British but all they have done is actually destroy the foundation they found. It is those our political leaders who are our elders that have made corruption, nepotism, mismanagement, tribal and religious sentiments to be the order of the day, they have made stealing a thing of pride they loot our national treasury and are not afraid to display their stolen and ill gotten wealth congratulation is what they receive after plundering the Nation instead of condemnation they are even hailed as heroes for their ability to steal after all only the smart and ingenious can steal and go scot free they reward themselves with awards and more cash, once in a while they make a scapegoat out of one of them to deceive us into believing they are doing anything.
It is these elders who are destroying the Country, they are not even worried or bothered about the future generations that will come after them they do not care about how the future will treat the next generation. They have no idea where this Country is heading to they lack vision, focus they do not care even some of the seemingly small and insignificant mistakes they make today may have bigger impact tomorrow It really is sad and pathetic.
All they care about is how to accumulate stolen ill gotten wealth, temporal things that they will not take along with them to the world beyond these so called elders are a disappointment to the youths the children they claim cannot see what they see even if they climb the tallest iroko tree.
Sometimes what an elder sees sitting down a child can see even while asleep, the elders are not the only ones in possession of wisdom they do not have a monopoly on wisdom or knowledge. Jesus was still a child when he spoke in his manger if Jesus then could do that then I don’t see any reason why some will dispute the fact today that even among the youths today there are some that are better than the so called elders.

4 thoughts on “On Useless, Selfish, Wicked And Focusless Elders” by Mamman Saba Mustapha (@danjuma)

  1. true talk! great.

  2. Not all the elders in Nigeria fit your description above. I know some who have paid their dues, people who gave their best, according to their capacity. What these ones see lying down, you cannot see yet, even if you climb a million ladders. I can feel your angst, but please don’t generalize. And please, give honour to the elders who deserve it – they exist, if only you would notice them.

    1. I beleve you, there are indeed some good elders and I know some of them , it’s just that I felt generalizing the problem will make them disappoint me by doing more good.

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