Nigeria still believing

Nigeria has come a long way,

And I believe that God hears her cry every day.

She is a nation filled with glory and beauty

A nation rising to her full potentiality

She is a nation blessed beyond measure

A nation endowed with heavenly treasures.

Her seeds in Africa are the most numerous,

And her response to development, so spontaneous

Even though her neigbours see her as notorious,

I blame them not, because their eyes are fixed on the exterior

But God’s verdict on her is glorious.

The first stanza of the national anthem reads “Arise oh compatriots”

This was a call to patriotism.

Nigeria call obey”

She knew you would not disobey.

To serve our father land”

This pledge made you a special brand.

With love and strength and faith”

This she knew you had in abundance

To her, this was your allegiance

Knowing you were not a deviant.

The labour of our heroes past shall not be in vain”

At this point, the baton was passed on

Our switches were turned on

It was our duty now that their legacy lives on

That their efforts could be reborn

In an emerging generation to come.

to serve with heart and might”

Not with your mouth and fight

Assuming chief justice of who was wrong and who was right

But becoming a light strand, carrying the light

To the desolate heritage, bringing them up the height.

One nation bound in freedom

peace and Unity”

One nation, many kingdoms

Uniting in diversity.

You are a Nigerian not by accident

And that your skin is black was no coincident

You we following an order of precedence

Caring less about your personal dividend

In your meetings you prayed for the president

Hoping to see your dreams come to fulfillment

You are indeed a God-sent.

Nigeria’s democracy is a celebration of you and me

Its jubilation for a future we hope to see

Its congratulations to your courage and patient

That with insanity in the atmosphere, you were still sane

Separated from the crowd, upholding your true name

You never exchanged your dignity for fame

When other picked up arms, you said it was dirty game

When other prostituted, your ego called it a shame

Countless calamities never turned you handicapped or lame

Or an insatiable murmurer, always pushing blame

Smiles dripping on your face even in times of pains

Nigeria needs you

Will you be the answer to her cry?

Or part of the crowd just asking why

Dig now, your ideas she will buy

Because she know u can make a difference

Congratulations to you

Cos there will be no Nigeria without you

Thank you


5 thoughts on “Nigeria still believing” by Airsay Thinkingpen (@thinkingpen)

  1. Good job, Nigeria still believing

    Stay inspired.

  2. This is so enchanting @thinkingpen… thanks for sharing…

  3. Nice but nothing remarkable about it too.
    Trust me, readers want to read something remarkable and different.
    This one is just another long poem.

  4. I love Nigeria my country.

    Well done.

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