Naija Bank II

Naija Bank II

naija money<Scene 3>

A young man, who’s also a staff of Naija bank, arrives at Ajungle branch. He’s wearing a suit and an award-winning smile. He goes over to the customer service desk and asks to see the branch manager. He then goes upstairs, adjusts his necktie before proceeding to knock on the branch manager’s office door.


Cole: Yes, come in.

Young man: Good morning, sir.

Cole: Morning… (stares on at the young man and wonders why he’s smiling so much).

Young man: My name is Olaitan Adedeji. I was transferred from Maiduguri branch.

Cole: Oh, ok. I think I saw the mail from HR. What was marketing like in your former branch?

Laitan: I was in Operations, actually. I opened a lot of savings accounts and fixed some deposits for some Alhajis who… (he continues talking).

Cole: (Thinks to himself) ‘This is the kind of marketer I need. If he can transfer the accounts of all those Alhajis then my figures can start going up. Even if it means he has to travel back to Maiduguri to get those accounts…boko Haram or no boko Haram.’

Laitan: …and I even picked up a bit of Hausa during that period. In fact … (Cole’s phone rings)

Cole: Just a minute, let me take this call.

Laitan: (Thinks to himself) Thank God my branch manager is a man this time. If I can get on with him well and my targets are not too high then I will enjoy this branch.


<Scene 4>


A flashy but smartly dressed young woman arrives at the branch. The security guards salute her as she walks in. She makes an enquiry at the customer service desk and is directed upstairs to the branch managers’s office, where Emeka and Cole are still conversing. She knocks on the door.


Cole: Come in.

Young Lady: Good morning sir. I can come back later…

Cole: (Notices Naija bank lapel pin) No, please come in.

Young Lady: My name is Amina. I’ve just joined the bank and I’ve been posted here as a marketer (hands over letter to Cole).

Cole: Good. Take a seat. Emeka is also a marketer and he will be working with you (Emeka and Amina exchange smiles). So Amina, what can you bring to the table?

Amina: Sir…???

Cole: Who are your prospects?

Amina: Well, my dad is a special adviser to the Ekiti State Governor and one of my uncles is the MD of Omega Oil. They’ve already promised to bring me some business once I join the bank.

Cole: (Eyes light up with excitement) Have you given them account opening packages?

Amina: Yes. I should have them back before the week runs out (coughs repeatedly).

Cole: Would you like some water?

Amina: Yes please.

Cole: Emeka please get some water for us, thanks.

Emeka: (Thinks to himself) Chei! See my life. Why did I bother buying this shirt from Twice as Nice. Now I have to work twice as hard to impress my oga.

To be continued…


Naija Bank <Pilot>


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  1. Nothing much happened in this scene. And the dialogue was a bit wooden. But I like the premise. Keep writing.

    1. Thanks Myne. I’ll work on the dialogue.

  2. Is it for stage, film or tv?

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