My Hero

My Hero

” I never knew that I can do this, if I did this, then, you can do better.”
– Wole Soyinka

He is the one!

A hero!
Walking through the sky
When others cannot

Taking from the matchets of

A scholar!
Helping the tree
To water its tent again

He is the one
Wisdom itself seeks him
Two-legged souls wants him

He is the one
A man of the season and yesterday’s
The light
That illuminate the narrow darkness

Not only the darkness alone
The shiny lights steals from his candles
Of lights

He is the one
Walking like a champion
Talking from the oceans of knowledge
In the valleys of wisdom

He is the one

A man of sweet throat
The ears never gets tired of his throat
All the sensible organs,
in yearning for more

He is the one

What else can I say about him
He never fears to say the truth

“speak! But only the truth.
It shall always come to
Appreciate you!”

That speech is his.
Truthfullness is his watchword

He is the one
Standing ovation isn’t the better word
With truthfullness you have make his day

We will miss U
But with your word,
We can always trust.

He is the one
One and only

7 thoughts on “My Hero” by Bola (@basittjamiu)

  1. @kaycee, Thanks boss, for going through.

  2. This is ok. But you can improve on this. I wasn’t really able to appreciate the imagery in the poem.

    For example in /Two-legged souls wants him/ what do you really mean? Only human beings are believed to have souls, and I don’t think there are humans who have three or four legs.

    And /Taking from the matchets of Thousands/ What does this mean?

    Well done.

  3. @chemokopi, thanks for reading through my big boss.
    I used the figurative expression called synecdoche(it is a trope whereby the part is used for the whole)/two legged souls wants him/ I was still refering on human being,only trying to intensify my motive by using the figures of speech.
    And /taking from the matchet of thousand/ literally means the object of the matter (I mean the person I was eulogizing) was taking from the groups of thousand elites.

    1. Ok. But that is why it’s good to proofread. ‘Taking’ should have been ‘taken’.

      Well done.

  4. @chemokopi, thanks boss I am gratefull.

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