My Girlfriends’ Ex 3

When I woke up from my daze, i realised that he was talking, nah, he was actually speaking to us and his hand was outstreched, probably waiting to shake ours. I quickly mustered courage and took his hand into mine. Let me tell you a little secret about me, i have always prided myself to be the akpo( that is strong head) of the group, never smitten by any guy at all. But even after all these years i still can’t believe that Ben got to me the way he did.

Back to Nenye, the day she met Ben was supposedly d beginning of her existence, her words not mine. I never knew that Ben’s thorns sticked deeply into her skin until when she started making efforts to lure me to my adviser’s home. It all began one sunny sunday afternoon, we had just returned from church and i was too tired to cook. I was just lying down on the bed waiting for the worst to happen when she came to me and said “babe, see as we dey here and hunger wan kill us, come naa letz go to mumcy’s house” mumcy being Mrs B, my adviser. I was shocked not just from the hunger but also from the fact that Nenye actually suggested that we go out to eat. Nenye DETESTS eating out much less a lecturer’s place.

But i was too hungry to argue, i just grabbed my bag and ran to meet her as she was already half way across the street calling taxi. We got to Mrs B’s place just in time for lunch. The house is just amazing, from the paintings on the wall to the furniture, everything is just classy and one look will tell you that there is money in the house. One thing i admire about Mrs B is that she is undeniably classy so i can’t help but fall in love with her and another thing that did the trick of me falling in love with her is the D and G designer bag she gave me last year. When we were served with white rice and the steaming ofe akwu, i immediately dived into it that i didn’t even notice that Nenye’s exictement dropped exponentially immediately Mrs B said that Ben wasn’t around but i did notice that she didn’t eat the food that was ‘the reason’ why we came, but i didn’t mind much as that meant that i get more to eat.

She started asking me to hurry that she has assignment due for submission the next day. 30mins later, we were on our way out when Ben drove in and mrs B asked him to drop us off. Nenye’s exictement picked race and started growing again (that i noticed too) and i had starting linking the dots to make a complete sense, Nenye likes Ben. Ben opened the front seat for me but before i could enter, Nenye was already comfortably seated in the front and chattering away like a chatterbox (which is normally NOT) so i entered the back seat. I kept mute throughtout their conversation except when directly spoken to. I nearly screamed out loud, though i muttered “what a slut” when i heard Nenye asking Ben if she could take him out for lunch sometime to appreciate him for the ride home.

But he laughed it off saying that a ride home for two beautiful girls like us is a priviledge and honour for him ( guess he is a gentleman). He tried severally to include me in their conversations but i refused, guess am the stronghead afterall. I breathed a sign of relief when he pulled his car to halt infront of our house, i quickly opened the door to escape because i felt so betrayed that Nenye was flirting openly with mrs B’s little bro, but he beat me to it as he quickly came out and opened the door for me and then gave me the shock of my life when he said ” will u do me the honour of joining me for dinner tommorrow’, i was speechless, the only sound me mouth could make was ME? Which coincided with Nenye’s HER?

I asked myself a million questions at once, why will Ben ask me to dinner if he doesn’t like me? So he does like me, but why? How can he choose plain me over Nenye, which man will see Nenye and not have his heart race faster. Is this the popular April fool game or what? If this is a game, it wasn’t funny at all because this is my heart we are talking about here, i was so lost in my thoughts that i forgot that people were actually waiting for my answer, what will my answer be?

Ben every girl’s dream man just asked me out and is waiting for my answer, what will it be, whatever my answer will be would affect someone, if i say yes, it will affect a friendship that i cherish so much,though Nenye is a lovalable person, her motto is ‘whatever she wants, she MUST have’ and that is scary’ but if i say No, i will lose a cance with a man i feel strongly attracted too, i closed my eyes and silently said a silent prayer to God. Then i opened my eyes and gave my answer.

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  1. Finally, it has been published, sorry guys for the delay and the errors, enjoy

    1. Nice…love the twist and suspense. But looks like uv spotted the tense mixups, typos and other errors

  2. U’ve got give your girl a break, am trying here, when i type with my phone, i can’t reread it or edit it, so i view all these errors the same way that you do, but it will get better, i promise

  3. Sure I noticed it was done with a phone; the abbreviations and other phone shortening forms, the typos and tense confusions “We got to Mrs B’s place just in time for lunch. The house is just amazing…”. however i enjoyed the story.

  4. dallas-b (

    lovely,this story is so interesting.that i forget myself,while i was reading.pls write more.i fell in love with ur writting.

  5. dallas-b (

    lovely,this write up is so interesting.that i forget myself,while i was reading.pls write more.i fell in love with ur write up.

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