My Back Is Strong

My back is strong,

To carry the heavy burden that comes with you.

My skin is tough,

To take the wounds you consistently inflict.

My soul is tender,

To suffer mutely, and without a fight.

My spirit is strong,

To refuse to die and end the pain.

My mind is strong;

I reject this servitude,

And will remain down no longer.


I will not wallow in self-pity,

Nay! I will not let you inflict pain on me,

And steal all that is mine.

I stand today,

Though bent and shaky

For all the times I have let you ride me,

And I take what is left of me,

To begin anew.


The strength of my spirit will aid

My healing from the regret and pain

Of the mistake of being your enabler.

My tender soul will enable me conquer evil with good.

My tough skin will allow me heal from your stings,

And my back is strong,

Strong enough to force my whole being

To expel you from my life,

And block the door to ensure

That neither you

Nor any of your kind

Ever have access to my life.


My back is strong,

Strong enough to stand tall,

As I live anew,

A meaningful life,

Dedicated to making sure that

Some person does not repeat my shameful history

That was a life with you.

15 thoughts on “My Back Is Strong” by Efadel (@febidel)

  1. my back is strong too.according to the poet.its nice,keep it up.

    1. Thank you, @Olumola Seun Blessing. Our backs have to be strong oh.

    1. Danke. That’s ‘thanks’ in German (I think).

  2. @febidel I love this poetic outpouring of emotions… your words were well-chosen and your soul highly expressed… an excellent piece indeed…

    1. @innoalifa. Thank you. Your comment is very uplifting.

      1. @febidel … you are most welcome…

    1. You did? Thank you.

  3. What I loved most about the poem is the fact that it is not clear whom it is addressed to. That opens up the option of making it personal, to the readers.
    They may choose to for it to be about an individual, a bad habit, or whatever else their backs have to be strong for.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  4. @Olaedo, thank you for the kind words. I never considered that aspect of the poem before you mentioned it. Whatever the issue is, our backs have just got to be strong.

  5. Mamman Saba Mustapha (@danjuma)

    I am not really into poems, but ur style of poetry makes me want to fall in love with poetry.

    1. @danjuma, I’m flattered. Please fall in love with poetry. And when you fall, just stay in love. I’m sure there are lots of beautiful poems in naijastories. Maybe you can even write some too… Thank you.

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