Love in Strange Places 3

I went through the file. There wasn’t much stuff that was new. I t contained my updated itinerary for the next six months, the traveling tickets and other documents.

I put these away and made a mental note to call and apologize to Tyrone later in the evening. I forgot.

I woke up fitfully the next morning at 1000hrs, had a cold bath, donned a T Shirt and jeans, got in my car and zoomed to my office. on getting there, I asked if Ty had been around and was informed he hadn’t been to the office today.

I entered the conference room to rest my head and make plans for the day when my cellphone buzzed. I looked at the caller ID. it was Tyrone.

“Hey, Where are you? I said.

“I’m sorry about yest…

“I have something to show you.” He cut me short in a tone that wasn’t too friendly.

“Ok.” I replied and cut the call.

Twenty minutes later, I heard a soft knock and Ty walked into the room with an envelope in one hand and wistful look in his eyes.

“What’s wrong?” I asked having this creepy feeling in my guts.

“Nothing that you can change,” he intoned.

He placed the envelope in front of me and paced the room.

“I’m resigning from this job, he held up his hand as I about to say something.

“I’ve been with you for five years, I must confess, I enjoyed the work and has been exposed to a lot of things and have gained enough experience in those years. I have also endured your faults, weaknesses, and your fast-paced life.”

“Do you think I wasn’t aware of the drugs and the partying and everything?” he asked tears running down his face.

“Many times, I had to lie to your clients that you were too busy to attend their functions and had to come up with a lot of excuses to cover you up.”, I even invented means by inviting to my church and introducing you to a lot of responsible people in the hope that you’ll learn from their stories and be wise.”

“I’ve been down this street, experienced all there is to see and came out empty. I came Nigeria from Brooklyn to have a fresh start only to see you going down the same road and reminding me of my past.”

“I love you Keisha!” He continued going down on his knees. “You have to stop this life you’re living cos it will take you nowhere.”

I just sat there speechless not knowing what to say or how to say it.

“I promise to change if you stay,” I pleaded.

“Its too late, besides, I have to see my mum in Miami. She’s ill and she needs me to be there for her.

“We’ll always be friends.” He consoled.

He left the room promising to keep in touch. All pleas from me to make him rescind fell on deaf ears.

“Wow!” I said to myself. “What now?

* * * * * * ****************************************

The next few weeks were a blur.

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  1. leofemmy (@)

    Hmmmm, nice but a lot of people are passing through this stage, of sex and drug. How do we help them.
    The story no end ohhhh

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