Love in Strange Places 1

My workload was becoming a burden to me so I put out d word among my frds and also put an ad in d dailies. Two weeks later, I was preparin to go for a photo and interview for a local magazine whose office was in Maryland, Lagos Nigeria when my phone rang.
“hello”, I said as I tidied up my desk.
“hello”, a male voice with a distinct musical lilt that reminds me of Chris Brown, answered “I want to apply for the job of a PA. Miss Mandy gave me your number”
“Oh! Please can we see tomorrow, I’m not in the office”.

“Ok, but can’t today be fine? I really need this job”, he pleaded

I consented and informed him to meet me at the office in three hours time for an interview.

I got to the Office in 2hrs time and sauntered to my base as we call it. The “base” is a mini conference room in my office where we hold meetings, have our recess and hold interviews. Its 13.5 by 8ft in size, has a round table of 5.5ft in diameter with 8 chairs around it. The walls are soundproof and there’s a small wine table in one corner on which a coffee maker is placed next 2 a water dispenser.
I got into the room, sat down and basked in the frigidity for 10mins before calling my secretary to let me know if someone asks of me.

After making the call I made myself a cup of steaming coffee and leafed through one of the magazine we usually keepĀ  for the staffs. 5mins later, there was a soft knock on the door and in walked Alice my secretary with a lanky young man of about 5ft 10.
He was dressed in a faded chequered TM Lewin, sawn off Levi’s and a shoe whose leather has seen better days. I took one look at him from my glasses and would’ve dismiss him with a few boring remarks but for d look in his eyes.
I’ve seen those looks before. The look and the faint smile at the corners of his mouth spoke of confidence, assurrance and peace.
“sit down”, I indicated a seat opposite me while dismissin Alice with a nod.
“What’s your name and why are you poorly dressed for this interview?” I inquired
“This are the only presentable cloths I have and my name is Tyrone Palmer” he replied with a strong American accent.
The interview lasted 45mins in which I tested Ty with intelligent questions which he gave brilliant answers to.
I gave him the job..

Working with Ty my new PA was fun. He was a very intelligent guy who caught on fast. In 6 months, he had transformed into an Adonis from the ragged boy he used to be. He managed my day which included planning my itinerary, holding my calls, being my handyman, driver etc.
I never let him know of my Dark side, of my trips 2 a sleazy part of Abuja where sex n drug is cheap. “Tyrone”, I mused to myself. If only He knew who I was…
On my trips to the dark side, I always travel alone.
I came back in a week’s time to meet…

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