Lookout for Miss Right_ Episode 7

Needless to say, I was disappointed, not only in Sonia but also in myself for expecting so much. I had worn an outfit given to me as a gift just to look good and impress this lady but she hadn’t even bothered to show up. No calls or text to explain why she had stood me up. No doubt I had enjoyed the short time I had spent with Barbara, but that had just been a coincidence and didn’t count as a date at all. At least we had parted on more friendly terms than before.

I drove home, more hurt than angry. I kept thinking she had to have a good reason for standing me up, not just to spite me. I had not wronged her in any way, had I? I asked myself as I parked my car and climbed out. I sighed to myself, why was I always unlucky? I asked, going down the proverbial ‘self-pity’ road. I needed it, I needed to beat myself up about it and feel sorry for myself, I wasn’t going to allow any body else do that for me. First, it was Barbara, beautiful as can be… yet with one hitch, she had a thing going on with one of my friends. Now Sonia, everything about her had been wrong from the start, from her boldness to her eagerness, she had even dashed me her number for no good reason. I should have smelled something fishy at that point, instead I had ignored my gut feeling and gone in search of some booty.

By the time I got to my doorstep, I was already feeling better. Those girls weren’t worth it, I told myself and I wasn’t going to dwell on them anymore. I concluded.

I noticed the lights in my apartment were on, it could only mean one thing… Flores hadn’t left yet. I knocked softly.

“Who’s it?” she asked from within.

“Jake. Open up.” I replied.

I heard the keys turn in the lock, and seconds later she yanked the door open. I entered the house.

“What happened?…Why are you back this early?” She asked after locking the door behind me.

“Should ask you the same thing. What are you still doing here? Thought you had a date with your boyfriend?” I asked stalling.

“He called and cancelled. Somehow, he has a pile of work to finish at the office. See me that was looking forward to a romantic evening…all my dreams don shatter .I was about leaving sef ” She shook her head “So…what about you? Date didn’t go well?”

“She didn’t show. Her Majesty stood me up.” I peeled off my shirt.

“Meaning?” Flores eyes widened in disbelief.

“Meaning I went there and waited for almost three hours and no one showed. Couldn’t even reach her cell. Network busy, as usual.”

“Well, did she call to explain? Apologise?”

“Indeed.” I said shortly. My bad mood was returning “But guess who I ran into while waiting?”

“Who?” Flores still had a perplexed look on her face.

“Barbara Bode what again?…I’ve forgotten the complete name.”

“Bode- Johnson.” She told me. “Are you serious? Is that a coincidence or what?”

“Na me surprise pass.” I replied “She was the one who said hi first, eventually we got talking, she’s the reason I got here this late.”

Flores was looking at me through narrowed eyes. I knew what was going through her mind. I proceeded to dispel her fears.

“Don’t worry, it’s nothing. I can’t tamper with someone Femi has his tentacles in. Besides I don’t even like her that way again. You were right, she is more Femi’s type.” I said.

“Good. So what happens now? What are you going to do about Sonia?”

“Frankly eeh… now, I just want to sleep and forget the whole ordeal. She can go to hell for all I care.” I said. “She was too fat for me sef.”

Flores giggled. “The thing pain you ,sha…Sometimes its good for you guys to face this kind of thing. You go humble sharply.”

“Tell that one to Femi, he won’t even take crap like this.” I said.

“Girls don’t stand Femi up. He womanises for a living. That’s his job.” Flores was grinning now, and somehow a smile crept into my face. She was right actually, girls never stood Femi up, except they did and he never told us.

“How does he do it?” I asked.

Flores eyed me “The moment you want to switch business and enter the womanising business please tell me, so that I will fly away from the whole lot of you. Isn’t one womaniser in this crew enough for you that you want to join the trade?”

I laughed now. I was glad she was here with me because she had succeeded in making me laugh and for a moment I forgot my woes.

“Are you hungry?” She asked “I cooked rice after my dearest boyfriend called to cancel. Men…”

“Men what?” I inquired.

“You people are so unpredictable.”

“Says a woman of whom one of her species just stood me up. Who’s more unpredictable?” I asked.

She looked at me, exasperated. “I won’t argue with you. If you’re hungry, there’s rice. Me, I’m on my way home, its quite late.”

I had almost forgotten that she had to go home.

“ I’ll drop you off.” I said, throwing on my shirt. “I wish you could sleep over. You’ve really helped to cheer me up.”

“Not such a bad idea but I have to go to work tomorrow.” She said picking up her bag. “Don’t let this whole women- ish bother you. That’s why we are called women, to cause men some troubles. You’ll find your Miss Right soon if you keep looking. You’re handsome, my friend. I’m sure ladies would be falling over their feet to have you. Sonia just missed out.”

I looked at her and silently thanked her for those words.

“I even wish I have the opportunity you have to search. But as a lady, I have to sit back and let some man find me. That’s the course of nature. I can’t go about throwing myself at men, just because I like them. People would think I’m a slut. You, on the other hand, get to do it without being gossiped about.”

“Stop saying nonsense.” I scolded “Fred is a nice guy, just because he’s busy today doesn’t make him a bad person.”

She sighed “I know. But that doesn’t mean I’m not hurt.”

We made it to the car together and got in.

We drove in silence. I think we both had some sensitive issues on our minds.

The drive took less than thirty minutes because there was no traffic on the road. We said our good byes and hugged. Somehow, I felt closer to her than I had in along time, our conversation made me realize how we had all matured over the years. So different from when we had first met.

I drove home with one thing on my mind…Sleep.

I parked my car in my usual spot, when I got to my doorstep, in the dark corner, I saw a figure. I couldn’t quite make it out, but then the figure moved and stepped out into the light, I gasped.

It was Sonia.

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