Listen to the rhythm

And you will find the music

In the noise.

Listen to the hum

And the drum

Dance to the beat

Even in the heat.



Listen to the silence

And hear the songs

Of life it reveals.

Listen to nature

And to culture

Enjoy the muted sounds

Free your mind from former bounds.


11 thoughts on “Listen” by Efadel (@febidel)

  1. I love the first three lines of both stanzas.

    Well done.

    1. @chemokopi, thank you. How about the other lines of the poem? Even though it’s my poem, I never get tired of reading “Listen”. I love this poem and I wonder how I was able to craft the words.

      1. The other lines, to me are good but not as original, fluid and harmonious as the others I love.

        Overall, a nice poem, no doubt.

        1. Okay. Thank you.

  2. @febidel … from now till eternity, I will continue to listen and learn from the wealth of silence… a beautiful poem indeed!

    1. @innoalifa, thank you. You write beautifully too.

      1. … you are always welcome @febidel

  3. …And the culture- I think is not necessary there.

    Good work overall. Write on

    1. @shomyk. The inclusion of ‘culture’ is intentional. We need to listen to culture. It tells interesting and enlightening stories.

  4. I like the rhyme and the flow…nicely done

    1. @topazo. Thank you. Your comment is very uplifting. I don’t mind constructive criticism though. I’ll be very attentive to it, and if I disagree, I’ll offer my explanation.

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