Musings Of A Hustler (episode 3)


With the fight now out of me, I just sat quietly.  With one swoop movement, the Bodyguard who had sat by me and had said nothing all these while  held my legs and with the other hand held on to my neck, shoved me and made me lie flat with my face flat pressing into the car seat.

I struggled and kicked and gradually, perhaps due to my struggle or the bodyguard’s hands on me, I realized my clothes had been torn and all I had on was my panties and shreds of clothing.

In the entire struggle, I could hear Jim and the other guys chuckling nearby. Before I knew what was going on, the guard’s hands hand shifted my panties, and without any warning, slammed the biggest dick I had ever felt inside of me. Without any form of lubrication and foreplay, I was as dry as a parched wood and the sudden penetration brought out from my throat a loud and painful scream.

The scream perhaps was Jim’s cue to increase his chuckle to full-fledged laughter. My struggle increased whilst the guard’s grip on me tightened. Then my screams started drying up and I started begging the guard to please release me. The guard, visibly turned on by my screams increased his tempo and gave me one of the roughest screws of my entire life. After 5 minutes that seemed to last an eternity, he released inside of me. I silently prayed my ordeal was over.

Still holding me firm, and with my fight significantly reduced, the other bodyguard came over, widened my legs and lunged into me. I couldn’t scream anymore…in soft tones, I could only plead with Jim to release me.

If the first guard was rough, this other guard was a bull. Pounding and banging me from the back like he had been sex starved for years, I could perceive the odor of cigarette and cognacs beneath his breathe.  My vagina had become sore. I had to endure about 7 minutes of the animal’s torture before he released. Another 3 minutes with the driver and I was barely breathing.

At this point, I couldn’t move. I was so weak; I was only panting and praying to live through this. Jim started coming towards us while the guards till held on to me. Thinking he was to tell the guards to leave me and release me, I was obviously mistaken. Jim bent down and whispered to me, “I initially wanted you to blow me…but I got a better fantasy”

I couldn’t think. I didn’t even understand what that meant.

Jim went behind me while I braced myself for yet another tortuous ramming on my now over bruised pussy.

What happened next was easily the most shocking and painful experience I ever had. This time, both guards held me and Jim was visibly excited. With all the force and energy he had, Jim pushed his extremely big dick in its full glory into my anus provoking the loudest screams out of my throat… I sounded like I was being butchered. With energy apparently injected by the pain of the penetration, I struggled and shook the bodyguards.

Jim screamed “hold her firm! Hold the bitch…I wanna screw some lessons into her”…”

The driver joined the guards and pinned me down in a way I could barely move. I had never tried anal sex before. I had no lubrication and without any strength. It was easily the most painful experience in my life…Jim kept stroking into my ass like a horse and the pain was unbelievable.

After some minutes, I cud barely breathe and must have apparently passed out. When I woke up, I was basically naked and dizzy. Looked around, saw some cash neatly folded beside me, a sum I later discovered was N10,000 with a note saying “next time, don’t try to play smart”.

I tried to move and I couldn’t. Luckily, it was not yet sunrise. It was around 4am…slowly and painfully, I dragged myself, covered with the remnants of my shredded clothes and flagged a cab.

The first cab slowed down, saw me and sped off. I got another cab. He also wanted to speed off before I screamed with what was left of my voice that I had been raped. The cab guy then slowed down looked at me and kept singing ‘sorry o’ like it was some chorus from a song. It was from him I realized the sad episode had happened on the outskirts of the town.

I took the cab to my girlfriend’s place nearby. After knocking for almost 10 minutes, she couldn’t believe her sight when she opened the door. I related all that happened to her, showered and when to bed. I said a silent prayer thanking God I survived the experience. Realizing I had endangered my life and not having achieved the purpose I initially set out to achieve, I cried bitterly to sleep thinking through a lesson so bitterly learnt.

15 thoughts on “Musings Of A Hustler (episode 3)” by Ayoks (@sucess001)

  1. Good for her.

    1. Wow! I can’t believe your comment got a vote. This is why our nation is so behind, with people like you. “Good for her”? who deserves rape?? if you were raped even at your worst hour would you say you deserved it? hmm

  2. You are like a spider spinning a web of attraction.
    I thought your MC was a male until now. So interesting…… Can’t wait for the next episode

  3. thanks for reading

  4. Rape is the worst form of inhuman treatment. I read on helplessly hoping it won’t happen to her.Your story brought tears to my eyes.

  5. @aniefiokitong: There is no justification for rape. You never know how horrible or traumatizing it is till it happens to you, a close friend or a family member.

    @Ayoks: Great story. Kudos!

  6. Rape is very bad

  7. @ayoks…This is not just brilliantly written but also very educative.on to the next one boss!

  8. @uzomaumekwe…yes boss! lots of lessons to be learnt!

  9. Still cringing at this very humiliating ordeal….I knew they would do this. I keep saying @ Ayoks please make them wear condoms but u didn’t. I hope she doesn’t get preggers or contact an array of possible STD’s.
    I know my comments are medicine after death now cus are now on episode 16. Loool.

  10. So sad….. This is the first time I’m reading fiction and its feeling like reality. Kudos again

  11. glow (@anyieinstein)

    Oh no. My worst fears for the narrator are happening.. Deeper troubles. Oh God, save her from them all

  12. Great story…nobody deserves rape

  13. Great story!

  14. Bloody fuckers! That Jim is an asshole…guess that’s the reasoning of some of the so called big men.
    As for the @analfik whatetever, those 3 words of yours show that s/he is no better than the dregs of the society that should get a thought-process makeover. NO One deserves getting raped – not even if they walked naked.
    Sordid acts, yet nicely told.
    Well done, Ayoks. $ß.

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