It Harms!

It Harms!


It harms!


It is deadly!


That heinous disease

“I don’t know it”

That incurable disease

“Oh I know”

That deadly disease

“Oh I have heard of it”

It can kill

“yes it can”

Who knows the disease

” I knew and I still know”

So tell me

“yes! It’s HIV”

Yes it is!

Beware of it

It is dangerous

You just zip up, it harms

It harms!

6 thoughts on “It Harms!” by Bola (@basittjamiu)

  1. You are a enthusiastic writer.Full of forge to drive home your thought.thanks for reminding us of that disease that dreads ZOE.

  2. @sambright, thanks sir, an inspiration in the city of aspiration. Always remain loyal to ur immense motivation.

  3. … simply true and straight to the point @basittjamiu

  4. Awesome! This is the most creative poem on HIV I have read. And the shape did help a lot.

    Well done

  5. @chemokopi; king of prose and all generics; I venerably salute you with all pleasure. Your comments put smiles in my face.

  6. @basittjamiu this is nice…………..

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