If Heaven Will Fall

If Heaven Will Fall



If heaven will fall
It will on all

If you neighbour eats rotten food
And you kept quiet like the wood
When the consequence comes hot
Immunity shall save you not

So speak up against evil
Or we’ll bear the ill as single
Voice out against wrong
Or we’ll face the music together before long

Remember Jesse, Delta state
Where 1200 souls were burnt
Or Ebute and Abule Egba in Lagos state
Same thing in other states

They all had sad story
Because they gave silence victory
And on the day of reckoning
Nature’s hand of saving
Could not avert the consequence
Caused by their silence
For if heaven will fall
It will on all

One thought on “If Heaven Will Fall” by pauldesimple (@pauldesimple)

  1. some rhymes to go. your message is clear. beatiful poem; which should act more, ‘voice loud more’. we should change the things we can with what we have.

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