I want you

I want you

It’s not enough to say I’m a Christian,
I believe there is a much more to it
It’s not enough for me to say I believe
There is much more for me to see
It’s not enough for me to say I’ve experienced you,
There’s much more I know to behold
Although I feel inadequate 110% of the time
I believe you still care and I’m worth something
It’s hard to accept the fact that I don’t see things your way,
To accept that even when I don’t hear you or sense you right here
You’re right next to me
Guiding me and knocking some sense to me
Helping me make the right decisions
Your word says ‘be perfect as our heavenly father is perfect’
Although I feel I may never be perfect
May I always be acceptable in your presence
And know you more
Because simply said;
I want you.

10 thoughts on “I want you” by Opy (@Opyyy)

  1. Simple…well articulated and heartfelt desire…acknwldgin d ideal nd reckonin wt inherent frailty…all beautifully captured.
    Nice work

  2. Ha!…me iz training yha well….NYC!!!

    1. Thanks @katiee Darling! :)

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