How Is My (future) Wife Doing Right Now? Part 2

Hello People, you might not fully understand this post unless you’ve read the prequel- How Is My (future) Wife Doing Right Now?

So I have a job now and hopefully ground will begin to level soon. With that I have deactivated “looking” mode and “searching” mode has been activated. Now to the main gist.
Guys I found her, well i thought i found her. I alighted from a bus yesterday; now, instead of crossing immediately as usual, I for no reason decided to walk some distances before crossing. And there she was standing outside a boutique……My heart stopped beating and my feet frooze. Her skin was like the sand dunes of the sahara, her hair rode with the wind, her face shone like the moon and her dress gave her a regal aura. The only part of my body that moved was my lips, they parted into a cheeky smile and she smiled back…OMG!

Man shall not dull, so i pleaded with my feet to move towards her, but they refuse. So i commanded them and they yielded. As i moved towards her i felt my stomach churn and my heart melt. I got to where she stood and my heart failed me. Chai i just stood there like a statue. I wished the ground would open and swallow me. Just then the boutique owner came out and said; “you like am?”, “e fine well well shey?” I nodded. “Oya buy am for ya babe now?” **Screech**
…..What?! She’s a Mannequin? Oh my! The shop owner thought i was staring at the dress on display and all the while i was captivated by…….a Mannequin. I smiled, shook my head and walked away. Nawa o, this my “searching” no go put me for wahala o!
Hehehe…It’s a fiction, hope i didn’t waste your
Compliments of the season to you all.
And to my future wife……..i love you!

8 thoughts on “How Is My (future) Wife Doing Right Now? Part 2” by Nenergy (@Nenergy)

  1. Profile photo of Ville
    Ville (@ville): Junior Writer - 1709 pts

    you ‘ ve got it real bad. “a mannaquin”? I hope you eventually meet the wife of your dreams

  2. Profile photo of Myne
    Myne (@Myne): Wordsmith - 39170 pts

    You’re a really funny guy. Maybe you need glasses? And please, I’m sure you can write better than this.

  3. Profile photo of Mimiadebayo
    Mimiadebayo (@Mimiadebayo): Head Wordsmith - 247376 pts

    your heart stopped cos of a mannequin? lol

  4. Profile photo of Jaywriter
    Jaywriter (@jaywriter): Junior Writer - 2704 pts

    You have a nice sense if humour. Just try and edit better.

    Enjoyed it.

  5. Profile photo of topazo
    topazo (@topazo): Head Wordsmith - 65228 pts

    lol…sorry o

  6. Profile photo of Belbest
    Belbest (@Belbest): Newbie - 370 pts

    You no go kill person with laugh
    This was really a nice one i liked it expecting episode3 soonest

  7. Profile photo of Eletrika
    Eletrika (@babyada): Head Wordsmith - 46034 pts

    How possible? So, you didn’t notice it standing unmoving at a place? You’ll soon wound.

    Don’t worry, shebi na wife, you go get. Everly.

  8. Profile photo of Nenergy
    Nenergy (@Nenergy): Junior Writer - 2305 pts

    Hahahahahahaha. wonderful comment from you all, i appreciate. Part 3 loading……..
    Happy February!

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