Friendship gone awry

He said, She said

He said…
What became of us?
Where is the Angel
That caught my attention,
At the village square?

Where is the Oyinkansola
That used to funmilola?
That used to ignite the King in me!
Where is she?!

What didn’t I give you?
What havn’t I done to ensure
That you remain my Arewa?
Why did you decide to do this
To our marriage…to us?

She said…
You can’t blame for being so cold,
Insensitive and heartless.
I was the Olori that warmed your bed.

You were my Balogun
My Kekere ekun and my husbaƱd
Why did you let her come in between us?

8 thoughts on “He said, She said” by Angelah Carson (@Katarah)

  1. Profile photo of jollyone
    jollyone (@jollyone): Junior Writer - 4837 pts

    Why would you go after her when I refused you nothing?
    One look at her big breasts and you were stealing her number from my phone!
    Why, Oh tell me why….

  2. Profile photo of Bola
    Bola (@basittjamiu): Senior Scribe - 24968 pts

    nice add@jollyone, nice construction and Rhetorica simulteniouslyl!@katarah

  3. Profile photo of Jaywriter
    Jaywriter (@jaywriter): Junior Writer - 2706 pts

    @Jollyone that was nice.

    Nice poem. Considering the tags, could have been better.

    1. Profile photo of jollyone
      jollyone (@jollyone): Junior Writer - 4837 pts

      Its a really nice poem, @Jaywriter. Although I think it’ll have to be longer to do justice to the tags. Good work @katarah.

  4. Profile photo of topazo
    topazo (@topazo): Head Wordsmith - 65308 pts

    Short bt nice…nice lines too @jollyone

  5. Profile photo of ash the dream
    ash the dream (@ash04): Junior Writer - 1975 pts

    Love this. Please do a longer version of this. you ll be glad you did and so shall we also.

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    chemokopi (@chemokopi): Head Wordsmith - 294467 pts


  7. Profile photo of Angelah Carson
    Angelah Carson (@Katarah): Junior Writer - 3598 pts

    I planned it but I couldn’t go pass a certain limit on my phone. Anyways I’m planning to introduce another senario to this poem because like you guys said, its too condensed for a poem of this nature. Thanks @jollyone for the follow up

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