Gory Sights

Gory Sights

Across the sand-tar sheet
Along the wide-long street
There he lay in a blood brook
A sight too sore to look
Drained dry of life’s body fluid
From cuts that maim his build

Rigor-mortized feet and hands
Spread open on own-less land
Pointed high up to the clouds
As though in hearty cry so loud
To reach the one who knows it all
To judge his shameful fall

Hers caused worse tremor to calves
Whole body slashed into halves
Like mere pastry risen with yeast
A death even cruel for beasts
Entrails drawn from wide outlets
As feast for wandering pets

It’s outcome of nothing more
Than man’s most gruelsome gore
Acts which only could be bore
By minds that lost its core

4 thoughts on “Gory Sights” by Eletrika (@babyada)

  1. This is nice…really gory tnks to ur vivid descriptions….

    “Acts which only could be bore” ddnt really get ds line sha..

  2. “Acts which only could be a bore
    For minds that have lost its core ”  

    I think it reads better this way @babyada   

  3. @babyada

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