Drip Thud, Drip Thud

Drip drip, drop, thud thud, thud
like tear drops.
Only these drips are heavy drops.
Shed by hoses hosed on two ends
pierced in between by a lone shaft.
A lone bore, with a hat like a sausage
It tightens; thud, thud, thud,
It loosens; drip, drip, drop,
dripping precious liquid, in counts seen but innumerable.
Drip drop to the bowl below
like a stubborn pestle, headlong into the piping-hot water,drop.
Amidst us all and we watch.
To meet like heads, like minds
each with one thought, the one before and the one after;
racing to the brim.
Only to spill, spill precious liquid.
Occupied by vanities, like veils over a beauty that will fade
no one pays attention
it’s just a drop, it’s just a drip, it’s just a thud
and we wane, unbeknownst.
The one before, the one after, the one thereafter
thud………. thud………… drip………… drop.

4 thoughts on “Drip Thud, Drip Thud” by DolphinEyes (@dolphineyes)

  1. @dolphineyes, the Onomatopoer is exclusively exciting, and the alliteration is perfectly sited. Weldone.

  2. @basittjamiu. thank you for nothing those. you do well too.

  3. I like the style

  4. @elovepoetry : gracias. But the bar is your realm.

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