Dreams the unfolding reality

Seen from an unconscious

Or subconscious reality

The summersault of dreams


Cascading from the lofty

Pinnacle of the sublime

Unleashes the reality of

The transcendental that

Propels and envelops my being


Hypnotized with hallucination

Captivating reverie transfixed

Transforming my being into

The reality of my dreams that never dies


Taking my dreams from the mirage of falsehood

Divorcing my dreams from the mirage of doubt

Engraving the reality of my dreams upon the mirror of tomorrow

The mirror of reality


Dreams the unfolding reality

Beckons bringing to my path a fulfilled

Destiny of dreams that never dies.



9 thoughts on “Dreams” by Onen (@Onen)

  1. Nice write. I only have issues with the preponderant enjambement.

    1. That is the free verse pattern.Thanks for the compliments.

  2. nice write! The enjambment was excellent.

    1. Thanks for the compliments and encouragement.

  3. Engraving the reality of my….. I love these lines. Nice floetry.

    1. Beautiful observation.Thanks for the compliments and encouragement.

  4. Hmmmm… Nice one.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement.

  5. nice one… I enjoyed it

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