Building A Nation!

Some years back we long for a nation
When I mean a nation not a mere “mega nation”
One in sense where the mind is at home
Never to be a strangers at home but citizen
Bearing and carrying the national passport

Decades has come and gone
Our nation how is it today in the eye
Of a new millennium where innovation has caught up with modernity
Year in year out we carry along
The slogan one day it will get better

In the land where you and I
Occupies the position of a first class citizens
Not a stranger in our own fatherland better still motherland
Permit me for using those words
Suffering within but smiling outside

Faking what should not be
Corruption has been an age long time war
And yet administrations come and go
The war has never been won
Even talking about a conquest

Some years back we can sit and enjoy
The calmliness and peacefulness
Of our nation, but what of today now
Inflation keep raising…the naira get weaker
Every second we go on strike for government to meet our demand

The rich becoming richer vast in assets and investments
Our street are void and highways of good roads and lightens
What of the falling standard of education
Committing crimes of all sorts just at will
Kidnapping, terrorists attack, looting public funds

To build a nation where justice prevail
Where the citizens feel at home never a stranger at home
Where corrupt persons, officials are brought to book
Where public funds are been accounted for
Not just anyhow mumu nation

I know the system has failed us all
Lost faith in the government of the day
There is now a deficit of trust
Remember we’ve got no other nation all
We need is one man that is “You and I”

We’ve come this far will can’t throwing in the tower
We can still make it to rise from where we are
We can never be intimidated by these entire crises
Tomorrow we can wake up all be well
Let us build our nation shun corruption and act right

To build a nation where justice and peace shall reign
We are Nigerians and Nigeria must be built by us all
We’ve got no other home elsewhere but here and here alone
Let us build our nation not tear it down

Am calling on every one in respect to whatever profession
You the writers write positive things about the nation
You musicians sing a song that stirs up change never caters trophy
You directors, script writers, actors and actress make believe a good movie
That will drive the people’s vision to see a better Nigeria

The audio and visual media project a good image of our nation
Everyone we’ve got to wake to a new call nation building
Is the responsibility of us all we can not just seat
And leave everything in the hands of the government
And yet go about blaming them for everything that happens

2 thoughts on “Building A Nation!” by Okoh C. Paul (@motitalk)

  1. Some years back we long for a nation

  2. arise! oh! fellow compatriout, arise! and let the country rise with your commitment. @motitalk, nice write. Weldone.

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