Best Short Contest – Longlist and First Round Polls

Best Short Contest – Longlist and First Round Polls

Thanks to everyone for their patience. This longlist was to have been published Jan 5, the slight delay was due to the large volume of entries, more than we’ve ever received for a Naijastories contest. The staff and volunteer editors have now finished reading the stories and have selected the best qualified stories, which are listed below. They will go ahead to score the stories individually.

But that is just one part of the first round. In conjunction, a poll has been opened and you can vote below. Feel free to share your links as well as the poll to your friends and supporters. The poll is protected from stuffing and we will also keep an eye on the voting. Each person can vote for one story, and the polls will remain open for one week.

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In no particular order, the stories are as follows. Click on link to read and comment;

Maria by maisolomonic

Stained: Sheets and Porcelain by Idi Ace

The New Wife by Arinze

Once Upon A Rainy Night by shadiat

Moonlit Clearing by chemokopi

Okula – A daughter’s vengeance by omojola

One of Us by Olubunmi-Adesuwa

Reflections Of Sunshine by Scopeman

Liar Liar by Osang

Breakthrough by Fiyinfoluwa Akinsiku

Pillow Talk by Seun-Odukoya

Cemetery Road by Kurannen Baaki

The Watchers by Joshua Segun-Lean

The Lizard Has Grown Hairs by latchy

The Verisimilitude of Witheld Hurt by Eletrika

A blip of Imperfection by enoquin

Black Friday by Malcolm O. Ifi

Capable Men by kayceenj

Eater by Raymond

Icatha The Soul Eater by h0n3ydr0p5

An esoteric attraction by focus

Puff Puff Pass by osasosayiwu

A Testament Of Hope by Haemlet

The Storyteller Telleth by Eccentricity

Sins of the father by topazo

In Obedience To Fate by Augusta

Shards of Love by missmeddle

Snakes And Anthills by cathreya

Walls by Muyis Adepoju

Sandwich by howyoudey

When Tomorrow Comes by Omotola

La Nuit Des Pleurs by Deolu A.

I carry your heart by Jefsaraurmax

Fountain of Tears by CHARLES

The Penguin Close Bully by funpen

In Times Like This by Ife Watson

Bittersweet by chimdixy

A Lust Intervention by Sueddie Agema

The Bullet by Shally-Ashimi

And Christmas died in Minna by kaycee

A night’s confession by Thomasmann

CrossRoads by Daireen

The God Delusion by elovepoetry

My Beloved Husband by Psalmy

Fiery by sassystel

Every Night by Obinna Udenwe

The God Of Albino by Sulaiman Wasiu Olalekan

Ripples of Evil by olabam

Sad by Binyerem Ukonu Sam Jr.

Houseboy Needed by Carlobasi

Fear Drop by thenaijaseer

Penance by Ebube

All Over Baraquat by shaifamily

Penetrating The Heart of Darkness by henry c.onyema

Our Ram Is Haram by fEMI


19 thoughts on “Best Short Contest – Longlist and First Round Polls” by Admin (@ogaoga)

  1. Hmnnnn.This is an assembly of the finest entries…I don’t envy Chika right now o. See work!

    1. I lost your number, never got to here from you as regards the copies of the anthology you requested for…

  2. @banky, Chika will not read all this. Editor’s scores will be combined with poll results to select the top 10 stories which are the only ones the final judge will read.

  3. @admin, I think it would be better if the public rating is removed from the story page and replaced with the voting option. It’s kind of bothersome telling people to read your story on one link and vote on another.

    1. @petunia007 these are two strands of the contest, the poll results will be added to editors scores and used to select the shortlist for the final judge, while the ratings will be used solely to select the public choice top 2 stories.

      1. I thought the public rating was over that’s why I said it should be replaced with the voting. However, upon second thought, it’s not so bad since the story links are listed under the polls.

  4. i think i totaly agree with watson.

  5. Most of my favourite stories are here.
    Haven’t read all but with a cleaner link, I guess I can read a bit more.
    Well done to the Editors and all. To all those long-listed, congratulations. I wish you the very best of luck.
    Whatever happens, thanks for letting us see these works. It’s been fun reading them and yes, I am still continuing my reading. Cheers,

    1. I enjoy reading the short listed stories. I’m learning from them and I know the editors have a serious task in their hands. In a competition like this, the purpose is to improve the art and strengthen the craft. So, my congratulations to those selected…and to the winner, let the best win.

      1. @carlobasi: There’s some poetry to your comment. Nice.
        Truly, let the fun continue plenty :)

  6. Congrats to all of you.Too bad I couldn’t read everything.@Sueddie,@Femi,@Electrika.@cathreya.@idi ace,I knew you will make the list.

    1. @khadijahmuhammad: Yaya ne? Hey, thanks. That’s very kind of you. Saanu!

  7. lovely entries!!!!!! All I want is dat d best story emerges d winner.

  8. Abeg make una vote for My Beloved Husband o. Ese gan!

  9. I think the longlist is too long. Some stories are technically better than others. I just read a story that wouldn’t win if it were the only entry and I’m afraid I cant afford to assault my senses further (I’m shudder to think of what the disqualified entries were like). I’ve read a few and I have 2 good entries to pick from that’s it. Pity I can only vote for one. From the entries I’ve seen, I totally expect Idiace and omotola to make the final list.

  10. I cant vote. System saying polls not loading correctly.

    1. @internetpope refresh your page and try again.

      1. @internetpope: You’ve been absent for a while… How are you doing? Actually had to look for you all over the site at some point. Hope you great.
        I salute jare!
        How’s the page now? Are you voting properly yet? Feedback helps sometimes.
        Happy New Year.

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