Bamgbose, doing has willed by your essence
for to come as you do
in droves like a mad man in chase of nothing
that is something amidst nothing could only be you.
Bamgbose the benefactor of all
coming and going like a real owner.
You there, have. You here possess.
To hails, to shouts, indeed to more.
With gaits like the lion’s; forward, backward even inward
claiming, imprinting; who dares dare to wrath.
And like a housefly, in fear of nothing and no one.
Bamgbose, the infamous
The once seen are spoken of hush hush
The once unseen are given mystical souls
Just above the arm and across the waist like a second piece of clothing
lays your grace. For you let them see it.
They see to know, but know not to tell.
By marks like tallies, meshed deep into skin by the old calloused hands.
Fourteen for fourteen times
by the nape, in places not sought
by the torso, in places easy to conceal.
And you bamgbose is secured in the feel.
Bamgbose, only the eyes know what can fill the stomach
but not you Bamgbose.
Your reach exceeds your realm
your fame is home everywhere;
Yours by the mention of your name,
yours by the whispering of your tales.
Bambgose, a man claims only the portion to lie in.

4 thoughts on “Bamgbose” by DolphinEyes (@dolphineyes)

  1. Bola (@basittjamiu)

    at-least! you earn my kudos.

  2. This is nicely written but abstract.

    Well done.

  3. thanks all. am humbled by your commendation

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