An Icon Of The Generation

I feel the past pain

Coming like a blowing flag

Without doubt i accept

the dignity of the fool

If i am to ask

I will be dignify


As the world pass by

I feel my present pains

Hammering my brain

Tro and fro it goes

Like a mad man cheesing nothing

I plead for mercy but i see merit

They said “thats it”

Its pains clashes my soul


As the world comes to an end

I advocate for justice

But injustice was preview

Great men goes like fowl

With their garment of achievement

I calm and calm to hear

The sound of the wind

And how the force will look like


I still feel the past pain

thundering in my heart

Going without limit

Playing the sound of the ghost

freezing the others past

It is an icon of the generation.









2 thoughts on “An Icon Of The Generation” by richard mbanefo (@richardmbanefo)

  1. nice feeling, it is worth it.

  2. Love this. Good work.
    “I will be dignify” that’s the only part I think…
    “I will be dignified” should do.

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