Acid reflux of a masochist: Love is vomit

Acid reflux of a masochist: Love is vomit

I love you

Like reverse metamorphosis.

The butterflies in my stomach

Goes back into cocoons

So that they can become butterflies again.

We say hello once more

And they flutter out of my mouth.

Every of my smile safety-pinned itself from cheekbone to cheekbone.

Sunrays ricocheting off teeth exhibited by laughter.

You collect these winged creatures in a glass jar.

Forgetting to poke holes in the lid

Like they do not deserve to live.

Or maybe,

There is something about bottling up

Beautiful things like:


Your cowardly mouth,

My butterflies,

Our insecurities

That speaks of control.

And when they die,

My smile supernova into a black hole

And there is an African sandstorm in my laughter.

But I will always love you,

Like reverse metamorphosis.

So I eat my dead

Knowing that they will resurrect

In my Lazarus pit.

To think of the things we would do for love,

I could almost vomit

Or shove one hand down my throat

To drag the butterflies out

By their wings.

Hand you a glass jar and some nails.

Try again.

Even when you forget about my love,

You always remembered that

I loved the heartburn.

6 thoughts on “Acid reflux of a masochist: Love is vomit” by Aurora Anne (@bugganni)

  1. This is really fine.

  2. Great poem…I like the imagery, butterflies in a jar and acid reflux. Thumbs up.

  3. Thank you so much for your comments

  4. @ayomitans First poem on NS, avant garde

    1. @bugganni…Oh, its avant garde alright! Reading it makes me think of a Gwen Brooks poem…because your imagery is quite original and powerful…no cliched sense to it…and your use of words is so clever…being in your thought process must be an intriguing experience o! Keep tagging me

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