2013 in little words

Earth is a journey,
our lifestyle are the road.
Dont feed only your tummy,
your spirit needs to grow.

am 50 metres aways
chewing words from the clegy
Cant really digest all,
my veins is recieving some enegry

Hours before, in Kairos maternity
a new year was born.
Yesterday is not last year
2012, is ashes, 2012 is dust

Today! some will die,
today new babies will cry.
Believe! Hope in God.
He rewards, give him a try

2013, like a software ready to run
2013, like a cd ready to burn,
2013, like a program just installed,
2013 long awaited, 2013 has come.

I speak! For i was sent!
Am a tune, played from a piper.
Keep speaking, always say something,
becos Words are immortals, Words never die

Joy is strenght,
Fear is death.
If God asked us for rent
can we pay our debts?

2012 has joined history
2012 now sleeps
2012 now with the ancenstors
2012 we will again never see.

4 thoughts on “2013 in little words” by Airsay Thinkingpen (@thinkingpen)

  1. I enjoyed this very much. It’s lovely.

    But you wrote it terribly. I refer to the grammatical errors. Why did you do a poem this lovely such injustice?

    Well done. Keep improving your art.

    1. What he said.

  2. Much spelling errors.
    The third and second to last stanza’s didn’t go with the rest of the poem.

    1. @thinkingpen … work on your skills but a nice try…

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