There Was A Country

There was a country…

Born of the incestuous union

Of a myriad nation tribes

And named in the throes

Of an adulterous liaison

Brothers united

In a sham fraternity

By strangers

Who sought their unity

Only with purpose

To divide and conquer.

There was a country…

Independence gained

But an infant child

Held on to the apron strings

Of a surrogate mother

Reluctant to wean

A golden suckling.

There was country…

Brothers in arms

Destined to fulfill

A fratricidal fate

As they unleashed on themselves

The venom of discord

Brewed by the bickering

Of feudal overlords.

There was a country…

Raped and plundered

By a succession

Of pilfering power elites

Garbed in fatigues

Billowy gowns

And studded kaftans

Promising redemption

But delivering deception.

There was country…

Where men are gods

Garbed as pimps

With sleek coiffure

And hedge fund portfolios

Dispersing material blessings

And jet-fueled salvation

In dollar-denominated measures.

There was a country…

That confused hypocrisy and ignorance

For culture and conservatism

Deriding informed reasoning

And justifying baseless prejudice

With the mythical precepts

Of borrowed faiths

Which stoke the very flames

Heralding its descent into anarchy.

There was a country

In the country that never was

There is a country

In the country

That is not.

(Inspired by the hoopla over the book “There was Country” by Chinua Achebe)

3 thoughts on “There Was A Country” by esosa (@esosa)

  1. aptly done…well done. i like the part’delivering jet-fuelled salvation…tho i cldnt grasp wht that was about

  2. Nice…’Jet-fuelled salvation’ could be about those ‘clerics/Men of God’ owning jets in Nigeria @raptureisforme

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