The Dark Side

The Dark Side


When something bigger than a frog enters a frogs mouth, what can one expect? This is what happened to Mrs. Umez, a great woman of God who caught her daughter in the act of lesbianism.


Mrs. Umez is the beautiful wife of Dr.Umez, a renowned surgeon in Light city of Nagarah. He is the chief medical officer at Healing Hands medical Center. He is a busy man that tries to provide for the welfare of his family. Mrs. Umez is a good Christian housewife and one that spends much time with the children. Mr. and Mrs. Umez’s marriage is blessed with four children, two girls and two boys. Brenda is the oldest daughter. She is a second year student at the University of Light where she is studying for a law degree. Brenda is coming home for the Christmas break with the gift of surprise.

It is Friday evening and Mrs. Umez is on the balcony with her little six battery operated radio beside her. She was listening to a radio talk show on cancer on light city radio station 18.9FM. Suddenly, the door opens and it was Brenda. “Welcome home!” Mrs. Umez said to her daughter with a smile on her face. “You remind me of those days when I was younger.” “People call me Agbonma….you are beautiful my dear daughter. Do not let men deceive you with the sweetness of their mouth. Brenda laughs revealing the gap in between her teeth. “Mama, how are you?” Brenda asked. Mrs. Umez heaved a sigh of relief and replied “I am fine my daughter. I was worried about your where about since morning.” “Ah! Mom, I am a big girl. You do not have to worry about me.” “I can take care of myself.” “I went with Lota to choir practice for the forth coming Christmas carol.” Brenda answered.

Brenda leaves the balcony and walks toward her room. She was smiling and laughing out loud, thanking God that her mother didn’t go on to bombard her with questions like the Joint Admission Matriculation and Board (JAMB). However, God doesn’t acknowledge such dark and evil thanks because Brenda knows in her heart that she is involved in an absurd and sodomic lifestyle. She has been into lesbianism with her best friend Lota since their first year in the University. It is very ironic that they are both youth leaders in different departments in their church and school. They are so engulfed in lesbianism that it will take powerful deliverance and counseling to bring them out of this darkness.

It was around 7:45 p.m., the Umez family had finished their dinner when Dr. Umez announced that the three younger children Obinna, Emeka and Loveth would be leaving for Agboga, to the village to spend the festive period with their grandmother. . Brenda would be staying in town with them. Brenda was overjoyed because her friend Lota is also in town and since her siblings will not be around they would have ample time to spend alone. Immediately, she picked up her blackberry bold1 phone and sent a text message to Lota that reads “Sweetheart, I have so much missed you.” “My darling, I want to inform you that my siblings will be leaving for our village tomorrow early morning and I can’t wait to be in your sweet arms. I love you.” Brenda helped her siblings pack their clothes neatly in their traveling bags. When they were finished, they prayed and went to bed.

The time is 5:30 a.m. and the early morning breeze was crisp and cool. You could smell Christmas everywhere as scents of cinnamon, cloves and mint filled the atmosphere. Dr. Umez’s oldest son Obinna had finished cleaning the car. His dad took the keys, steamed the engine and reversed the car so that it would be easy to arrange the luggage inside the car booth. In no distance, the youngest son Emeka came out carrying a bag of rice assisted by Obinna. They positioned the bag of rice properly inside the booth, so that there would be space for other things. Loveth, the youngest daughter came out carrying her traveling bag and a gallon of groundnut oil. Her brothers helped pack them into the booth. As they were packing, Brenda was busy pinging with her phone. Her Dad coming out from the house with a fowl in his hand sees her standing and pressing her phone. Before he could come near to strike her, the fowl he was holding crowed and the sound startled Brenda and brought her back to her senses. Her dad shouts at her “You are the oldest and should be a good example to your younger siblings.” “I bought this phone for you and I see that it is making you go crazy; you better be warned!”

After they had finished packing their luggage inside the car Obinna, Emeka and Loveth entered the car. Dr. Umez after speaking with his wife hugged and kissed her goodbye. He walks toward the car as the gateman opens the gate. He enters the car and prays with his children then hands over their journey to God. Dr. Umez ignited the engine of his silver Honda SUV and drive off with his three children to the village of Agboga. Edet, the gateman locked the door and went into his quarters.

Mrs. Umez told Brenda to clean the toilet and bathroom because it was a very important part of the home while; she went to clean the sitting room. After they had finished with the Saturday clean up, they had tea and bread for breakfast. Brenda cleared the table, took the cups and plates to the kitchen and washed them. Brenda was still pinging with her sweetheart Lota as she went into her room to undress. She tied her yellow towel around her bare body, took her liquid soap and sponge and went into the bathroom to take a bath.

As she was bathing, her phoned beeped and it was Lota her lesbian mate. The two begin a conversation that lasted for over an hour. Brenda’s mom, who had been waiting to bathe became pissed off that she started scolding her. “What are you doing in that bathroom?” “Even someone that had fallen inside a soakaway pit wouldn’t waste such time bathing.” “Are you an ogbanje or what?” “Come out of that bathroom before I break the door!” Brenda hurriedly showered and came out and entered her room. She wore her red Victoria secrets lingerie, applied aloe Vera cream to her moist body then put on her red Versace gown. She applied soul mate to her hair and wore Musk for women perfume. Brenda looked very beautiful, dark and lovely, but no one has been able to decode why at her age there is no man in her life and why she has chosen to be hostile to men.

It is about 11:30 a.m. and Brenda was set to go to her church, The Hand of God Evangelistic Ministry for the final rehearsal for their forth-coming Christmas carol. Lota is also there and the way she looks at Brenda, anyone would suspect that something intimate is going on between them. In their minds, they are praying for the rehearsal to be over. They do not give face to their choirmaster or any other male members of the choir. There are other lesbians and even gays in this choir but the Pastor and other leaders of the church including the parents are unaware of this deadly yeast growing within the church body. At about 1:30 p.m. choir practice ended and every member is leaving the rehearsal hall. Brenda and Lota held hands and talked intimately like male and female lovers; kissing and embracing themselves in passion.

Brenda took Lota to Mariotti a fast food joint for lunch. They ordered rice and chicken and bought ice cream as take away. As they were leaving Mariotti, Brenda said to Lota “darling can we go to my house?” Lota replied with an eager “yes!” They stopped a taxi and told the driver to take them to No.22 Heroes Street, Presidential Quarters.

Mrs. Umez was in her neighbor’s compound reading a Women’s magazine. The titled on page four reads “LESBIANISMS, THE CANCER EATING UP OUR GIRLS” caught her attention. The columnist was exposing the ugliness of lesbianism, the madness of a female having sex with a fellow female. Mrs. Umez quipped, “This is madness, stupidity. God forbid!” “My daughters could not do such a thing; I am a great woman of God.

The taxi driver stopped in front of Brenda’s house and they paid him. Fortunately or unfortunately, the gate was opened and the two lovebirds went in holding each other. As they got to the main door that leads inside the house, it was open, but Brenda’s mother was not inside the house. They threw their bags on the sofa and started kissing and caressing each other. The heat of passion was so intense that they undressed each other. At this time, Brenda beckoned Lota to follow her to her room. As they entered the room she pushed Lota to the bed and started, romancing her like a man romances a woman. They were saying sweet nothings to each other. Brenda says to Lota “I love you” and Lota replies, “I love you too.” Now they are completely naked kissing and caressing each other passionately. Brenda begins to suck Lota’s boobs and Lota was caressing and massaging Brenda’s ass cheeks.

They were now engaged in a 69 position and were using their mouth on each other’s clit. The passion was high as they were shouting in pleasure. Meanwhile, Mrs. Umez enters the sitting room. She see’s Brenda and Lota’s handbags. She calls out “Brenda, Brenda”! However, no one responds. She thinks and says to herself that choir practice must have drained them of their energy. “I guess they are sleeping.” She says. A thought evolved from her mind to go into Brenda’s room and see for herself. Mrs. Umez gently walks towards Brenda’s room as she gets near she can hear soft moaning and talking. Lo! The door was opened and when she looked in she could not believe what her eyes were seeing. She wiped her eyes with her hands to make sure she was seeing rightly. Ah! She was astonished seeing Brenda bury her head between Lota’s thighs and Lota fondling Brenda breasts. Mrs. Umez unable to handle the shock of what her eyes had witness shouted aloud and fell on the floor crying, the two lesbians quickly got up and were dumbfounded. Brenda shouted to her mom “it’s the devil!” while, Lota replied, “Ma’am! It’s not what you think.” Mrs. Umez does not know what to say. What she dreaded had entered her house. She was still asking herself, How, When and where did this madness start?

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  1. Good plot. But I think you were not consistent in the use of your tenses.

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  6. @ifeanyienoch, your story has potential but you may want to rewrite it.The subject is interesting but you write it like a police report. Try to use more compassion towards your characters and show more instead of telling. If you can’t do that, you may want to write about things you care about.Your judgment is clearly showing through your words and it doesn’t make for a nice reading.

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