T.O.F. Chapter 2. A Camouflaged Serpent. 7

T.O.F. Chapter 2. A Camouflaged Serpent. 7

Dan was now standing; his lips were tightly flipped in and pressed together. His eyes were wide open yet he was snoring – sleeping? Everything looked exactly like a dream except that… it wasn’t. Everywhere became awkwardly calm, the silence was too heavy to ignore. Everything looked like nothing had happened, even my cloth was not dirty notwithstanding that I had been on the floor minutes ago. I immediately ran to Dan and hit him on the back and he immediately shouted something I don’t understand.
“Are you alright?”
“Yeah, I’m fine. What’s going on? What happened?” he inquired, flickering his eyes.
“Nothing happened,” I assured him, feeling happy that it’s all over. We hugged. How time flies, it’s remaining only ten minutes to school dismissal. We better hurry back to class before the bell goes off.
“Dan, I believe you now. Angel lied.” I said as we made our way out from the library. I padlocked it and dropped the key back into my pocket. We headed classwards. “It’s okay; I’m not even sure myself. Probably I was just guessing. I mean, how should I know the face of the girl I don’t know.” He said smiling funningly.
Anyways, Dan’s face lit up, smiles returned to his face and he wasted not in returning to his real self, Daniel Vincent; man of jokes. My head was now calm and peaceful, feeling rest assured that all is well.
“Now tell me, did you really kiss that girl with the foam in her mouth…? Owh, sorry Verona did say it was her temple you kissed. How did it feel? Rigid… Soft… luscious… succulent… placid… fresh… hard or rough? What exactly did you…”
“Hey man, you’ve started again oo. How on earth do you think I would do such a nasty thing? Come on man, I just helped the poor girl.” I interrupted him. We both chuckled as he chipped in “help indeed.”
We walked past the staff room. Mr. Andrew the Facts teacher was at it again with Mrs. Catherine the Economics teacher. Those two have never agreed on a thing, they were like cat and snake, Mr. Andrew being the snake.
“I guess Mr. Andrew has a crush on ma’am Catherine. I have on few occasions noticed him make advances towards her.” Dan commented. I just kept calm, not that I don’t know what to say, I’d just don’t want to.
About fifty feet to reach our class, we were obstructed by a bevy; it was a league of five beautiful girls. Angel Philips was returning from the infirmary with the epileptic girl and her three friends.
“Good afternoon seniors,” the four junior girls greeted me and Daniel. All of us halted. “Good day ladies, how’re you all doing?” Dan asked them with a beaming smile on his face. He was beginning to flirt with them and they were all blushing, except Angel.
“We’re fine, thank you” they chorused.
‘What the hell does he think he’s doing? Flirting with junior girls,’ Angel spoke without opening her lips. She spoke in her thoughts and I had heard it. How is it possible that I could here her thoughts? I guess the white bearded old face that sipped into my head had not evacuated and might possibly be responsible for this.
“Hello girl, how are you doing?” I asked the girl after I had exchanged ‘hi’s’ with Angel. Obviously, the girl was getting better; at least she can now stand on her feet and walk freely on her own.
“I’m fine Senior. Thank you so much, my friend Verona here told me how you really helped me. I’m so grateful.” She said as I glanced at Verona who was smiling mischievously. Then… just like in my dream, in a flash, the girl walked up to me and planted a wet kiss on my right cheek and also took hold of my right hand and planted yet another soft kiss on the back of my palm. “Thanks once again Senior. I owe you.” She said. Goose bumps ran down my spine, I was as surprised as a teenager who was seeing the nudity of the opposite sex for the first time.
‘What the hell is she doing? She’s trying to seduce him? Whatever it is she’s doing have got to stop NOW.’ Angel spoke in her thoughts again.
“Uhm uhm. Girls, you can go now. Stan, lets get back to class, school session will dismiss any moment now.” She said, dismissing the girls and taking me by my arm. She and I went to our classroom but Dan remained with the girls.
“Is there any chemistry between you and this girl? Kisses everywhere!” She said angrily, almost in a shout as we entered the class.
“No there’s nothing between us. The poor lass is just too appreciative I guess” I replied. “She’s way too appreciative and I don’t like it.” she said and went to her seat. I headed towards Dan’s seat near the window from where I could watch Dan and the ladies outside.
They were all giggling, Dan perhaps is teasing them. After a while though, he shook hands with each of them and both parties headed class. Dan was all smiles.
“I got her name, its Susan John but her friends call her Sussie.” He said as he sat down at my seat. “She also said that you should help her thank angel for all she’d do for her,” he added.
“Susan John? Hmmm, so Angel’d lied.” I heaved.
‘His good-samaritanism has earned him the fake love of an epileptic girl. If only he knows what he means to me, he is my ALL, the only man I’ve ever loved. I’m going to teach that bitch the lesson of her life.’ Angel said in her mind. Her head was laid low on her desk and her eyes were shut.
Hey Stan, there’s a problem though. She lives in the hostel got admitted yesterday evening,” he said. I was confused, I just sighed.
“One more thing Stan,” he added almost immediately.
“What?” I asked, no more enjoying the game of pitter-patter. Flashing my green eyeballs into his skull.
“I think everything was faked. From the convulsion to the affection, I think it was all a charade. I’ve got a shrewd feeling that the girl is not an ordinary being.”
“Then what is she?” I asked him. How the hell does he know all these? I thought.
“Honestly I don’t know, but… lets pray time tells.” He concluded just as the dismissal bell went off. I packed my books and went off to the hostel, notwithstanding I had an appointment with Angel. I didn’t even wait for Daniel.
“Master Cire, your friend Dan is right. He has a Revlin in him too and we both are meant to guide you. Just stay cool, the journey is just about to begin and I bet it’s going to be a long and bumpy one.” The voice in my head spoke. Twas the old man.
“What journey? Lead me through what? I asked, like a madman speaking to himself.
“Time . . . will . . . tell” the voice echoed and died down. Wow! whatever this is, I don’t like it.

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